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Studying the Jealousy Away.

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( Have you ever looked at a picture online on social media and your eyes immediately cloud up green?  What about when a person who works with you receives the promotion meant for you? Maybe when the person you expected to be your relationship partner ends up with someone else?  Jealousy. That emotion. A feeling that can cause you to become the worst version of Hyde that Robert Louis Stevenson has ever seen. Is it a great emotion? Eh…it can be. I think jealousy can give you an epiphany you never thought possible because you were only looking at the emotional side of it.  Jealousy can actually make you a great student.  

I will openly admit that I consider myself to be a Jackie-of-all-trades.  I can do many things well. This has made my life filled with praises and accolades for my ability to help take care of business and take care of others. This has also made my green-eyed monster pop up when I see someone do something better than me.  As a child, I was able to conceal my envy under my many activities. As an adult, I’ve decided to focus more on things that make me happy more than how I make others happy.

This path of self-awareness means that I’m going to see others doing something I truly believe I should be doing.  So, my monster is harder to hide. It took some very special and important people in my life to make me realize that jealousy should not be a setback. They made me realize several valid life lessons: 

1. I’m not perfect, and I never will be.  Chasing this idea will probably be the death of me.

2. My Blessings can not happen if I am attempting to covet someone else’s blessings. 

3. Celebrate others’ greatness and study to be better than them. 

While numbers 1 and 2 are extremely valid points, number 3 is probably the most difficult for anyone to do.  Society has us believing that competition is the most efficient way to cultivate greatness. It is not. Celebrating another person’s greatness allows you to be happy.  Then, you study what they are doing and figure out how you can be just as great or better. When studying, it is ok to ask questions. Most who are great are open and ready to help you because someone helped them.  They also know that there is enough awesomeness out here for everyone, and selfishness will not help anything.  

Ego is an admirable opponent with every intention of usurping your greatness. It will use jealousy and anything else it can to make sure it is in the driving seat of your life.  It will be shocked, however, if you become a confident person that is willing to admit that there is someone better than you. It will probably go into cardiac arrest if you are willing to study and learn how to be better than what you are because Ego is already certain that you are the best you can be. So,  do not let jealousy keep you from being the awesome person that you truly are.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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