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Coping With A Lived Medical Issue.

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( Many of us experience a health issue from time to time, and this can be either a manageable or high-stress process depending on your individual needs. Many of us recover, but some may have their life altered dramatically. It’s during this time that we may find ourselves completely out of our depth, unsure of how to progress, and maybe just a little demoralized.

However, coping with a medical issue shouldn’t completely isolate you from the world, and it should never allow you to believe that you are ‘all done’ or you cannot focus on the things you enjoy. To this extent, coping with a lived medical issue is a process of patience, practice, and self-belief. It also means taking actionable steps to stay positive and to improve your quality of life in the best manner that you can.

While we cannot speak for your particular medical issue as well as a service such as Medtronic can, we can help you gain some lived pointers to help you enjoy the best life you possibly can, through and through. Let us begin to consider just what advice you may utilize to this end:

Self-Care As Appropriate

When you have an injury or medical issue, self-care can be a tough job. It might be that going for short walks can help you get your exercise in, or applying for a disabled set of bathroom facilities can help you wash yourself with some independence, or perhaps making the decision to eat healthy and prevent any over-abundance of negative health problems can be an important step forward. Self-care as appropriate is an essential step forward, and it can also help you overcome your worry of tomorrow.

Staying Engaged & Social

There’s no reason as to why a manageable injury can isolate you from everything to do with life, or that you should expect to have zero friends because of this. You are every bit the worthwhile person you were before this injury or medical issue. This means that staying engaged and social, even if it means meeting people online, even if it means humble social dates, even if it means heading to a community club and meeting people there, can help you stay active and involved with the world around you. This makes a real difference.

Remaining Grateful

It can sound awful to even expect of yourself, but remaining grateful for the love you have, the people in your life, the quality of life you can still experience and the hope you can hold close to your heart is important. Self-pity is the easiest thing to fall into in daily life, and when you have a medical issue or injury, it’s more than justified to feel this way. We will not tell you otherwise. But to the extent that it’s possible, choosing to not allow this feeling to beat you can be a thoroughly worthwhile vantage point, potentially helping you overcome your sense of sadness and shame. 

With this advice, you’re sure to not only cope, but thrive despite your unfortunate experiences.

Staff Writer; Sherry James

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