Friday, August 17, 2018

How Depression and Addiction Ambush Your Health.

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Tweet ( When depression takes hold it’s often a challenge to find freedom from its grip. Even worse, when coupled with an addiction, it can quickly become a nightmare. And here’s the thing: Depression can affect anyone. Maybe it starts with the loss of a job, a house or a loved one, or perhaps it’s a […]

Employee Perks More Attractive Than A Pay Rise.

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Tweet ( Once upon a time, when an employer was thinking of ways to reward their top talent, best employees and dedicated executives, they almost always resorted to money. They handed over a big-check bonus or pulled them into their office to inform them of a pay rise, and that was that. And it made sense […]

Wellness is Vital: Here’s How You Can Boost Yours.

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Tweet ( Wellness is a hugely important aspect of your life and the best way of making sure you are focused on improving and enhancing your life. You have got to take steps these days to look after your well-being and bolster your physical and mental condition. Wellness can help contribute to you feeling happier and […]

Ladies, It’s Time to Level Up!

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Again, no matter what you are doing or where you are in life, you can apply this mantra and Level Up. 

It’s Ok. Go Ahead and Celebrate.

I can go on and on of reasons to celebrate. I mostly want to want you to know that there is always something to look to whereby you can find joy.

Keep Your Business.

Life doesn’t require you to be an open book, and just because we live in a time where everything has to be public doesn’t me you have to subscribe to that dramatic way of living.

Why is it so hard for women to get along?

There is greater power amongst women who work together for a common goal than there is for women to be divided for selfish gains.

We Must Do Better To Ensure The Safety Of Our Elders.

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Tweet ( We are all going to live much longer and healthier lives than any of our predecessors. Our current generation of seniors is enjoying that same benefit. So, we all need to think a little bit more about how we treat our elders, and how we keep them, and ourselves, healthy, safe, and happy. There […]

How To Find A Good Care Home For Your Elderly Parent.

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Tweet ( When your parent reaches their elder years, you may be faced with a dilemma. If they are able to look after themselves, then fine. But if not, you need to come to a decision. There are a number of options open to you, one of which is choosing a care home. While this can […]

Everyone Is Not You.

We need to be able to communicate amongst each other without the feel that we sill be seen as less than a woman for expressing pain, etc..

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