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Tech Whiz – 5 Pieces of Technology That Make Cooking Easier.

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(ThySistas.comTechnology has changed every facet of our lives, and the kitchen is no exception. Rather than knead and prepare bread dough by hand, we invented the bread maker. Instead of having to deal with dirty coal and firewood, we created the electric range. To look back on the incredible technological advances we’ve made in the kitchen, read on below:

Induction Cooking

Induction cooktops take up to 50% less time to heat up than a regular stove, use far less energy, and provide superior heat distribution. It’s no wonder that so many people are opting to replace their gas or electric stoves in favor of an induction cooktop. What’s more, they require no gas or naked flame, meaning that their surface doesn’t heat up. However, as the heat is produced through the pan rather than the stove, you do need to invest in induction compatible cookware to ensure you have the right equipment for your stovetop.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps have turned the two-minute noodle cooker into a home chef. Even the most inexperienced kitchen amateurs can learn challenging cooking techniques with easy-to-follow steps, tutorials, and instructional videos. Rather than rely on descriptions and methods in written form, you can see someone else follow a recipe and work alongside them.

Additionally, smartphone apps are giving people more incentive to cook food that’s better for their health. With calorie counting apps and nutritional information for everything you’re eating available at the touch of a button, you’re more inclined to say goodbye to trans fats and hello to olive oil.

Pressure Cooking

In the past, cooking often meant slaving over a hot stove all day. Fortunately, the wonders of technology can help with significantly reducing the amount of time spent in the kitchen without compromising on food quality. Enter the pressure cooker. A pressure cooker uses pressure to shorten the cooking time while bringing the water within to above boiling point. As a result, meat that could take hours to become tender is ready in a fraction of the time. While there are some complex instructions to follow, once you master the pressure cooker, you’ll never be without one.


Books can take up an awful amount of space, especially recipe books that cater for every meal type. As homes are getting smaller, it’s essential to own less and be smart with what you do have. Tablets are one of many inventions that are helping to make cooking easier. Rather than having a dozen or more cookbooks cluttering your shelves, you can purchase a tablet and flick through thousands of online recipes instead. Such is the convenience of a tablet that some businesses now even offer stands and covers to use with them in the kitchen.

Sous Vide

Sous vide is the process of vacuum-sealing food for better flavor, color, and a healthier finished product. However, what this technology also offers is a new level of convenience. By vacuum-sealing your food for controlled cooking, you’ll never have to worry about burning or overcooking your meal again. You can also prepare bulk meals for those occasions when you don’t have time to make dinner and benefit from far better meat texture and tenderness. There is a range of sous vide machines on offer that cater to both home cooks and professionals.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, influencing the home cook in countless ways. No longer are terrible cooks destined to live on microwave meals forever. Instead, they can rely on electronic devices to enhance their cooking experience for the better.

Staff Writer; Sherry Shaw

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