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If Ma’am is Disrespectful Chivalry is Dead.

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( The start of a new school year is supposed to be full of excitement, but it seems we must be prepared for the beginning of school “fall out”. This is basically the conflicts that will occur between teachers, administration and our children. As a parent this can be a very stressful time because you don’t know how these encounters will affect the confidence and education outlook of your children. Sometimes we may not realize that our stance on social matters may also indirectly affect our children. This wave of feminism is about more than equality. White feminists have launched an attach on what it means to be a man…while ignoring the flaws within women.

This age of feminism is killing manhood. We say we want boys to grow into men that are respectful and considerate of women while seeing them as equal. Women don’t even see each other as equal, nor do they seem to truly want equality. When we teach our sons to respect all human beings and to show respect to their elders, and those in authority, it is frustrating that a woman in authority would have a hand in undoing that teaching.

Recently, in North Carolina, a 10-year-old fifth grader was disciplined in class by his teacher for referring to her as Ma’am. Some would argue if the teacher told him not to call her Ma’am he should respect her wishes. However, school is not a personal setting. This child is 10, and his teacher is a person of authority and an elder. He addressed her culturally yet respectfully, and per the definition of the title Ma’am. She is a school teacher, and yet she shunned respectful behavior.

Regardless of her reasoning a 10yr old boy was respectful to her. The question has to asked what kind of message does that send? Ma’am is not a shot at your age, nor a word that implies sexist or misogynistic beliefs. The title is respectful. Women have to get a handle on the difference between being offended and being respected. We can’t say we want men to respect us but break that very thing in boys.

As strong as we are we still want men who are respectful, thoughtful and have gentleman qualities. The day a young boy is reprimanded for giving respect to a woman, and one in authority, chivalry is dead. It was a blessing to see that the young boy had a mom and dad that will continue to instill respectful values and manners into their son, an was willing to challenge the behavior of the teacher. The mother of this child sent her son back to school with the definition of the title Ma’am. The parents needed to understand why their child was punished for proper behavior. The parents requested the child be put into another class, but unfortunately the students of this teacher might have to adjust to not being quite respectful due to the teacher’s personal preference.

I have a 4 yr old son that is starting Pre-K, and he is taught to say Ma’am and Sir out of respect for his elders and those in authority. He will not be taught that, as a child, he is an equal to the adults he must interact with every day. No teacher will be allowed to unteach my son respect, and manners. As a woman I’m willing to challenge feminism on its hypocrisy. The attack on manhood has to stop. If there is toxic masculinity there is toxic femininity. If we want men to treat us as equals, we must treat them as equals in kind.

We cannot devalue our sons in favor of our daughters; we want equality. We might teach our children, and we fight for the ideal, that all life is to be respected equally. If we want young boys to grow into respectful young men…we must accept and encourage their respectful behavior. This just further reinforced my love of womanism, and my growing disdain towards the nature of what feminism had become.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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