Monday, July 16, 2018

God is Not Responsible.

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You very well may not be able to save him, ad if you as where was God, he was there every time you saw the red flag.

Turn the Drama Off.

Ridding your life of drama will allow you to breathe easier while showing your daughters how to command their life while having positive, etc.

Put the Phone on Silent.

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Walk away from that phone and all that comes with it and re-energize self. You will be glad you took care of you, and your family will thank you also.

How To Manage Your Business Effectively.

Tweet ( Managing a business, whether old or new, small-scale or large-scale, is tough. Without proper management, human resources, finance, and ideas, it may be difficult to begin the business, let alone make it stay afloat. Here are some things to keep in mind to help manage your business effectively and ensure it thrives even against […]

Hot Tips for Small Private Businesses.

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Tweet ( Running a small private business involves a certain amount of patience, expertise, and courage in order to record profits, earning enough cash to justify your business venture. From freelance aficionados to service-providers, mini-manufacturers and beyond, each small business will face the challenges that are to be expected when you take the plunge into being […]

13 Reasons We’re All Going to Live Longer Than Ever.

Tweet ( It’s not something we tend to think about, but we’re living in pretty special times. If you were born, say, one hundred and fifty years ago, then you’d be fortunate to make it to age sixty. Indeed, go even further back, and surviving childhood would be cause for celebration. Indeed, they say that Shakespeare’s […]

Are Different Ethnicities at Higher Risk for DVT?

Tweet ( A deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a type of blood clot that occurs in one of the deep veins of the body. Though it normally does not cause symptoms besides some swelling and pain, it can potentially be deadly if the clot breaks loose and moves to the lungs or another problematic condition. Other […]

What You Need To Know About Your Credit Score.

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Tweet ( It does not matter what your financial situation is, whether you are comfortable, struggling to pay the bills, or you have plenty in the bank, you need to maintain a good credit score. There are lots of different factors that are considered when it comes to your credit rating, and there is a lot […]

Exercising Financial Control From Debtor To Investor.

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Tweet ( Being in control is the key quality you need to enjoy life. You need to be in control of what you do, who you see, where you go, and what you decide. In other words, the moment you lose control of your life, you lose your fundamental freedom of choice. Only people who have […]

Get Out of Your Own Way.

You can overcome any obstacle placed in your path, but its debilitating when the obstacle is you.

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