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Know Your Health.

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( Sisters I would be the first to admit I hate going to the doctor’s office. The very idea of seeing my PCP or OB/GYN literally freaks me out. There is a paranoia and almost anxiety that builds up from the moment I know I have to go through the actual appointment. Like many sisters I had been of the mind that if nothing was really hurting, and I didn’t see any real changes in my life I didn’t need to bother with that dreaded doctor’s appointment that I know to be called a Well Woman Exam. Deep down I knew I needed to get up and go, but I gave myself so many excuses and they were always good enough to postpone my visit.

We often don’t ignore the illnesses in our family as we are actively helping our loves ones push through as they face health challenges, but far too often the situations feel detached when we must look at self. You could know diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or fibroid tumors run in your family…but sometimes it doesn’t click that we should know our personal health like we know our bank statement. Many of us may be doing harmful things to our body every day and not realize the long term effects it has on us. For example, some deodorants have aluminum in them which causes long term health problems. Instead, switch to an aluminum-free deodorant. You can see a list of aluminum-free deodorants and see if you’re already using one. If not, make the switch.

Let’s be real, when it comes to money we know where ever single penny is located, and where it must be allocated. We plan and create budgets so that we can make sure our needs are met. We look at where we are fiscally, and even if its not a bad place, there are always options to explore to brighten the financial picture. Basically, ladies we know our money, where it has to be, will be, and how to work towards a more secure position. No one likes negative surprises in this area that were a result of bad planning or missing details. This is great, and something we must keep up we should continue to practice. However, why is it that health is not seen in the same light? Some of us don’t know basic health information about ourselves such as ones’ blood type. If we don’t know the state of our health…how can we improve such?

Having a stellar financial portfolio won’t mean much if your health doesn’t allow you to enjoy it. I admit until I got pregnant with my son I had my blood type completely wrong. Having to see an obstetrician during my pregnancy taught me a lot about the state of my health. It wasn’t as bad as I would have assumed, but it can definitely use improvement. Managing weight, blood pressure and making sure the dreaded diabetes stay far from me is very important. Sisters if you can take the time to make the appointment.

Find a doctor that is a good fit for you and can help you better learn yourself physically. If you don’t have kids yet, this can become very useful when that time comes because you are working with someone that knows you, and that you are already familiar with…and believe me that is important. know your health for you, and then for your family. Value that knowledge on par with, or higher even, your financial knowledge.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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