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4 Secrets Doctors Want To Tell Patients.

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(ThySistas.comDoctor-patient confidentiality means there are things physicians can’t say to anyone. Seriously, even a lawyer in a fancy suit won’t get them to sing. But, doctors don’t practice tightlippedness for the sake of the people. Sometimes, they do it to get through the day and avoid awkward encounters. Let’s face it – no one wants their medical expert to come out with blunt truths. They are necessary on occasion, but mostly they are out of the blue and not part of the duty of care. Still, it doesn’t stop these pros from muttering under their breath.

Here are four things they are saying out of earshot.

That’s A Lie

When a person walks into a surgery with a foreign object protruding from their body, it’s clear it didn’t get there by accident. The number of times a phallic-shaped entity has been “fallen on” is ridiculous. Still, it’s better than losing face and saying you put it up there on purpose. What would the doctor think? Well, he or she might thank you for your honesty because, in general, they know when people are lying. They can’t come out and say it outright – they’re not the moral police – but the wheels are turning in their heads. If there is anyone you can’t fool, it’s a doc.

You’re Frustrating As Hell

Docs have a professional demeanor which means it’s difficult to tell when they are lying. However, on the inside, they are boiling over and want to lash out with words of criticism. After all, they are under plenty of pressure timewise and need patients to help them out. So, when someone says “I’m not taking any medication” and it turns out they are, there is a moment where they have to stifle a scream. The whole thing could have been over a lot quicker if you were truthful. Remember that, people.

Google Doesn’t Have A PhD

“No, it doesn’t have all the answers because it didn’t spend seven years in medical school!” It’s hard to count how many times this pops into a physician’s head during a regular working day. And, it’s not from a pure ego point of view; although, it is annoying when a layperson thinks they know more than the expert. It’s also a health thing. Hospitals and surgeries have a long term care automated dispensing cabinet and a tablet counting machine. There are crash carts and MRI machines and x-ray scanners. There are also nurses and doctors that can fix most situations. Regardless, people trust Google and it encourages them to self-medicate while ignoring the pros.

Cancel If You Can’t Make It

Practitioners take the moral high ground in lots of instances. Take payment as an example. A dentist or lawyer would bill a late appointment, yet docs let it slide. So, patients don’t care about missing them without telling the surgery staff. Just as worse are the people that are late because it holds-up everyone else for the rest of the day. Call in advance if you’re going to be late or can’t make it and reschedule is a common gripe for doctors.

What can you do to make your relationship with your physician as transparent as possible?

Staff Writer; Sherry Wade

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