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Research for Yourself.

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( Everyone knows shop gossip tends to be hearsay with some truths and possibly a little venom. Far too often we pass things off as opinion when if fact the subject matters are serious, and we should take the time to do some research. We have sisters out here giving marital, parenting, political, medical, fitness, hair, spiritual and even mental health advice without having read a website let alone a book. Opinions have become too much of a battling point in discussions, and we are trying to pass such off as facts. To many sisters are speaking within sister communities as authorities to family and friends with no research to back up any advice given. On the other hand, too many of us are willingly taking council without seeking to any knowledge whatsoever.

Though I believe libraries are the sanctuaries of the mind, and they are necessary to feed our intellect and soul, long gone are the days that you have to get to the library or hunt down an encyclopedia to get general information. So many of us are caught up in the battle of team Android verse Team iPhone without realizing that the existence of our smartphone is why we should never be without general information.

Ladies, for many of us, Google is at our fingertips and we should use it. You don’t need a college education to have a general understanding of what you decide to talk about. Furthermore, having a college education does not excuse one from researching before speaking. We should want to know what we are talking about before we start speaking as that says volumes for one’s credibility and character. We can’t assume that what worked 20yrs ago for any given matter will work now…nor should we move based on what works for others.

Too many of us have family members that are battling illnesses. It is very important that we don’t just listen to the doctors but try to learn more about the health of our loved ones. Doctors are necessary, but they are not perfect…and sometimes they get it wrong. We ought not just trust the wellbeing of our children to just the education system. If your child is experiencing challenges in school research avenues and techniques to help them. We you want to become more devout in your faith…listening to the pastor is cool, however the bible directly told you to “study to show your self approved”. Basically, read and study your bible, or sacred text, for yourself.

We research the latest information in hair care, make-up and what’s going on in other peoples’ life (celebrities). However, the areas that need google the most often go neglected…yet we are still speaking on subjects. You can not discredit a “woke” person if they are willing to research and read…if you are not. You can’t argue facts with opinions and expect others to take you seriously. Speaking with confidence on any given matter with facts behind you and a good general knowledge of the subject will make you feel more confident in yourself, and that is a reason for others to be willing to hear what you have to say.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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