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Sister Respect My No.

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( I believe we should respect each other’s rights on every level. I am in no position to judge the life choices of any woman nor man. What I will say is the things that I find repulsive, and won’t tolerate, in a man also applies to women. If a woman loves women that is cool, and her right to do so. With that being said heckling, grabbing, and harassment when trying to get the attention of someone that interests you is out of line…even if the culprit is a woman. It is important to understand that we can’t do to each other what we will demonize a man for doing. There has to come a point whereby another sister would respect my no. I acknowledge that all lesbian sisters don’t behave in this manner…just as all men don’t. There just seems to be a conversation some sisters try to have that is both offensive and harassing.

I was in the grocery store check out line minding my business and a brother paid me a compliment while asking if maybe we could have coffee. I thanked him for his kindness but told him I am married. He smiled and told me my husband is a lucky man and wished me a good day. After checking out and getting back to the car I realized I forgot one of the items I absolutely needed to purchase. So yes I went back into the store. While standing in another checkout line I am approached by a very beautiful sister who basically does the same thing…pays a compliment and asks for further communication.

I did not rebuff her, though I’m straight, I thanked her for the compliment and said I’m married. She didn’t just want away thought…in that moment she began to try to convince me as to why I needed to give her my number. She asked questions that were not appropriate regarding what I liked sexually while explaining what about my physical appearance turned her on. When I explained to her that she was rude, inappropriate and I said I wasn’t interested…she insisted she could change my mind. She insisted that I was missing out on the “ultimate” experience with my husband. I moved to another line only to have my arm grabbed by this woman…I’m thinking why is she touching me. she was informed that I would get security if she did not leave me alone. This sent her on her way.

The problem with this scenario is if it were a man others might have helped as the exchanged would have been seen as more offensive. The sister was completely out of line, and she doesn’t have the right to tell me what I like nor what experiences I should want. Respect my no, and my space. There should be no double standards when it comes to respecting someone’s choices, and personal space. No one should feel they have the right to reach out and touch another person without their consent. It is important that we don’t accept from each other what wouldn’t be tolerated with the opposite sex.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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