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The Phenomenon Of Soul Ties.

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( For the past two weeks, I have been researching and reading up on the phenomenon of soul ties for a presentation I’ve been asked to give on relationships. The teachings of soul ties are beneficial to anyone who has ever felt abandoned, neglected, angry, bitter, and/or confused while involved in an intimate relationship. To be honest, I’ve been following the phenomenon of soul ties for several years and have been able to contribute many of my struggles to the ties that I have developed, with men, over the years.

If this is your first introduction to the occurrence of soul ties, let me help you understand what happens when you are experiencing an unnatural relationship. A soul tie is exactly what it sounds; it is the knotting together or bonding of one soul to another. In the spiritual realm, when one is sexually involved with an individual who is not their husband or wife, those two parties become spiritually bonded together as one although not legally bonded, which causes unwarranted feelings, behaviors and actions that have been adopted from one person to another.

Have you ever felt a rush of jealousy, or feelings of anger or aggression? Perhaps, you weren’t a jealous person before you became involved with your mate, but you’ve observed that he or she may have some jealous traits. You may be asking yourself, “when did I become so jealous; so angry; so aggressive? To answer your question, it is due to the entanglement of his or her soul to yours; you both have become one, spiritually. If you are sexually involved with a liar, then you run the risk of adopting the same lying attributes. If you are sexually involved with a cheater, don’t be surprised when you suddenly feel the urge to cheat.

The entire nature and development of soul ties is contributed to the reason why it is truly important to know who you are involved with, and the spiritual nature of that person. There are some souls that should not ever become familiar with one another; because it may disturb the purpose and the calling one has over their life. Have you ever forced yourself, or forced a relationship to “work”? Perhaps, your attempts to make a relationship work felt unnatural, strange, or contrived. The reason you may be feeling such opposition within your relationship is due to the fact that your soul is fighting to detangle an unnatural bond with a soul you continue to entertain.

If you feel that you are currently experiencing an unnatural or ungodly soul tie, ask yourself these questions to help confirm your intuitive thoughts:

1. Does my relationship feel natural or contrived?
2. Am I spiritually growing and developing with this person present in my life?
3. Does this person make me feel loved, happy, valued, etc.?
4. Can I see myself marrying this person in the future?
5. Does this person add to my life a significant amount of substance?
6. Does this person believe in a higher power and actively walking in his/her calling?
7. Do they unselfishly give the very best of themselves to me and those I love?

Of course, we all have an intuitive spirit of discernment that we either ignore or take heed to. If there are any doubts in your mind regarding a relationship you have found yourself entertaining, I am sure you know what to do. If you are a spiritual person, you may want to pray and seek answers from your higher power as to the steps you must take to detangle your soul tie. Even if you are no longer with the person you have ties with, yet you are “haunted” by memories of being with that person, or you simply “can’t let go”, you will need to pray and seek God’s answer towards your deliverance.

Staff Writer; Kara Warner

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