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Is Dreaming About Your Ex Healthy For Your Current Relationship?

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(ThySistas.com) It’s a perplexing disposition. Having dreamt about a past love interest while currently involved with someone else. You thought you were over this person, but you keep waking up with your ex on your mind! If this is you, or has happened to you, trust me, you are not alone. 29 percent of Americans have had re-occurring dreams about an ex while in a new and blooming relationship. You may ask, “well, what does it mean if I dream about my ex? I thought I was over him/her!”

There are many reasons why one may dream about a certain individual. You may be concerned about that person; you may just be thinking about them. There are even cases where you may consistently dream about an ex because there wasn’t any legitimate closure, or things didn’t end very well. And, then there are situations where you still may have a soul tie with your ex, which is the case more often than not.


A soul tie is a tricky phenomenon where when you have shared intimate moments with someone, whether physical and or emotional, your soul is still connected with another soul…not to be mistaken for “soul mates”. A soul tie is different in that one may have ties with someone they weren’t necessarily meant to be with. Soul ties are just what it sounds like; interconnectedness and an entanglement of one soul to another. Many people, even though they feel they have moved on, are still entangled with people from their past, particularly those they have shared intimate moments with.

So, is it healthy for you to dream about an ex while you have established a relationship with someone else? The answer is yes. It is inevitably so, that humans will dream about people in general. We often dream about family members, friends, even people we don’t know so well or will meet in the future. Of course, you will dream about your ex, especially if that person was or is special to you. It shouldn’t become a problem in your current relationship unless you feel like you are still in love with your ex, or you are thinking about cheating on your current girl or boyfriend with your ex. Hopefully neither one of those scenarios are the case if you are married!

Perhaps you feel guilty about dreaming of your ex, which is understandable depending on what type of dream you are experiencing. It is suggested that if you feel guilty, you examine your feelings towards your current relationship AND your ex. Many times we tend to get in relationships in hopes of “getting over” someone else. Maybe it’s time for some self-reflecting, and some sharing of true and honest dialogue between you and your mate.

Overall, dreaming about an ex is common and can easily be brushed off as a random dream about someone you once shared a relationship with. Reoccurring dreams you may have to take some time evaluating to make sure that your feelings are up to date with your current situation.

Staff Writer; Kara Warner

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