Monday, December 4, 2023

Sistas, Should You Text Your Ex?

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( Social media is not the cause of breakups, communicating still with your ex-partner is. To respect the boundaries in your new relationship, you should not still be communicating with your ex-partner via text or any other forms of communication, including social media. This does not apply if you have a child or children with your ex-partner and you share the responsibilities of raising the children. If this is the case, only communications about the children are acceptable.

Ever since instant messaging and sliding the DM’s were created, it is so convenient to communicate with almost anyone in the world, including your ex. Your ex is an ex for a reason, so why would you continue to communicate with them? Ask yourself, how would feel if your current partner, still talked to their ex? I know the answer, you’d cringe at the thought of it and you wouldn’t like it. So be fair and cut off all communications with your ex out of again, respect for your current and/or potential partner.


You can’t enjoy a new relationship if you’re still lingering in the past and communicating with your ex. Yes, he or she may have been the only true love that you’ve had to date but cutting off communications with them will make room in your heart to find love again. You do not need to follow your ex-partner on social media. Why torture yourself seeing them move on in life without you? Or allowing those social media platforms to be a gateway to resurfacing old feelings that you and them may have for one another.

Move on from your ex, as hard as it may be. You are missing out on so many great opportunities to be loved by someone else because you’re still holding on to your past. Your ex-partner may be a great person now, but remember you two broke up for whatever reasons so let it go. Wish them the best in life and move on. It is so unfair to be involved with someone and still holding on to feelings about your ex-partner deep down inside. Definitely don’t sit around, counting the days until you two can reunite again, move on.

Communicating with your ex-partner via text is disrespectful to yourself and your current partner. The same time and energy that you put in to texting your ex, you should be spending with your current partner, instead. If you experienced a bad break up with your ex, what on earth would you possibly have, to still talk about? Nothing!

Should you text your ex? Why or why not? Comment below!

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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