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Creative Ways You Can Spice Up Your Relationship.

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30-Second Summary

·       Constant fights, boring sex, and spending more time alone are some signs of being stuck in a relationship rut.

  • Things feel stagnant, and that once-upon-a-time spark feels more like a faint flicker. You do not connect in the way you used to, and sometimes, people lack the motivation to work on things.
  • While there might be plenty for couples to think about, sometimes, simply refreshing your vibe can go a long way to putting things back on track.
  • Relationship experts believe that changing the dynamics of your relationship by taking trips, playing couples games, and being creative with sex can help you crawl out of that rut.
  • In an ideal world, every moment of a relationship would be like the tear-dropping romantic scene in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ when Harry proclaims his love for Sally on New Year’s Eve by listing all the details he loves about her.’

So, what keeps couples from living that loopy-in-love life? According to a 2011 study, most couples tend to get stuck in a monotonous pattern, allowing the mushiness to shift to the back burner.

That said, there are several things you can take up to revive the chemistry and add some spice into your lives. So, sit back and let this guide play the mawkish-moments director and push you to seize every opportunity to jump-start your love life.

The Best Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

Boredom in a relationship is a creeping menace that disarms all the fun parts. If you want to break out of the dull routine and keep the heat in your sheet, here are seven ways to help keep your relationship fresh and exciting:

·       Schedule Regular Date Nights. ‘Hey sexy, get ready tonight. We are going out.’ Imagine getting such a message from your spouse or partner on that mind-draining Friday afternoon. You suddenly get the energy to finish the ‘overdue project’, and you can’t wait to try out that sexy dress you bought two months ago. It’s exhilarating, and your mind rushes trying to figure out where you will dine tonight.

So, why don’t you do that for your partner? It is easy. Just schedule a day of the week and start trying out new restaurants, watch your favorite movie in a theater, go dancing or even get your Zen on together. You will be surprised how the small things will make you start smiling like a fool again.

·       One Word: Games. There are several ‘couple games’ online today. You can try the 30 questions if you just started dating or try the sing-along challenge. You can also invite your couple-friends and try the ‘escape games escapades.’

Like the movie ‘Game Night’, couple’s games can sprinkle some humor into your relationship. It is one of the best ways to relieve pressure and heal your emotional wounds. It can also help you discover new extremes your significant other is willing to go for you.

However, it would be best if you remembered you are not in the Olympics, so do not be too competitive unless your partner likes it that way.

·       Be Creative with Sex. Throw out the idea that spontaneous sex is the best sex. It is probable that the days of out-of-blue copulating extravaganzas are not necessarily behind you but are waning off. Relax, it’s normal. Mind-blowing sex is mind-blowing sex, whether you plan for it or not.

When you are busy trying to give Elon Musk a run for his money, sex can be one of the things to chuck up the sponge. But sex is also a lifeline in any relationship.

So try coming up with a schedule for doing it. Your mindset does not have to be “Thursday at 7.00 p.m. Get naked!” However, if you wake up feeling aroused, float the idea of having sex later in the day. It might get you both in the mood.

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·       Go on Trips Together. If you were adventurous before kids came and rendered you a ‘stick-in-the-mud’, you might want to try going on those adrenaline-raising trips again. Trips can be, of course, costly, but with a bit of planning, you can ensure that you go on an adventure every second weekend of the month.

It can be a place where you have visited before (revisiting allows you to revive memories), somewhere you have always wanted to check out together, or something as simple as a road trip to your neighboring town. Also don’t be afraid to experience new things together. Romantic breaks near York, could be just that.

According to the experts, trips take you away from your daily routines and allow you to reconnect on a whole new level. So, hire a temporary nanny, pack a bag, and jet off to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean today. Your sex life will thank you!

·       Learn Something New Together. Have you always wanted to be a Chinese cuisine maestro? Has your ‘bae’ always wanted to learn a new instrument? Why don’t you sign up for classes together?

It can be fun seeing your partner struggling to make sushi or figuring out how to play the piano together.

Taking on challenging tasks together, according to studies, helps in redefining your relationship. It stimulates a new level of cooperation needed for your relationship to survive the long term. Moreover, you get to spend some time together.

·       Create A ‘Fantasy Jar’. It does not mean that you start decorating a glass receptacle with pictures of Henry Cavill (although if that’s what you are into, go for it!)

Write out your fantasies on separate pieces of paper, stick them in a jar, take turns picking them out, and act out the fantasies together. Some might feel out-of-character for you at first, but that’s the point.

·       Remember, You Are Different People. Most couples tend to forget they were separate entities before they got together. So, many relationships fail because couples depend on each other for happiness.

According to research, satisfaction in a relationship is tied to personal contentment. The happier you are, in general, the more comfortable you will be in your relationships.

So, surround yourself with friends who make you happy. Do not entirely rely on your spouse to make your life exciting. Instead, work to ensure your personal life is positive and satisfying, irrespective of who you are dating.

To quote the dashing and successful RuPaul – if you cannot love yourself, how will you love someone else?


Relationships take work. They can turn mundane. Sex can slowly become another mechanical routine, and romance becomes non-existent. However, by communicating openly and trying out new things to sweeten up your relationship, you can get over the hurdles and connect on a whole new level.

So, if sexual dysfunction has been crippling your sex life, try the best testosterone booster and if you have not gone on for a date in a while, book a seat at the newest restaurant and enjoy each other’s company. It’s that simple!

Staff Writer; Lisa Davis

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