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America Has Never Been Safe.

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( We await moments, minutes, hours, days, and weeks on the calendar until the year 2020 is over, and another administration comes to power. Too many of us have experienced death, hurt, anger, and fear in an unprecedented fashion. As the nation faces Covid-19, and everything that embodies in America, we wish for normalcy. Black America grapples with the devastation this pandemic has caused to our already challenged population numbers, as we fight with the enemies we have always battled in this country we have to call home. It is amazing how we can face evil in blatant fashion, and long for a safety as if said safety would be a return to the norm for us. The Trump administration, as sinister as it is, was not the beginning of our problems in this country. America has never been safe for our us, our men, nor our babies.

I keep hearing a recurring story that America will be a safer place for us once the Biden Administration takes office. Everything will calm down in this country once the evil is out. Some things just might calm down…and who knows, the handling of this pandemic may get better. There will be people in government that will be better qualified than what we’ve had over the past four years. This is all a positive direction, but the hatred that fuels the nation remains. The amount of votes Trump received is alarming. The social unrest is not going to stop immediately…another black person will be in the White House. It is very important that we don’t allow the amount of overwhelming occurrences of terror among the chaos, and confusion that we are experiencing right now to make us delusional about what was. If that should happen it will become increasingly difficult to workout solutions.

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Police, and their ancestors, have been killing our people since before the days of the Fugitive Slave Laws. We are not in a new fight. The terror we feel is only different in the sense that everyone can now see, whether they are honest enough to admit it or not, that we were not lying nor exaggerating about the state of treatment we receive in this country. Our terror is, and has always been, real…now the world knows. Granted some of us might be feeling the weight of history as we face the blatant overt racism that our elders and ancestors experience. Our elders and ancestors were overwhelmed on a daily basis with more violence and oppression. There weren’t many outlets for them to express their terror and anger. In this we have more options to vent, yet this doesn’t change the reality of what is occurring.

America is not safe, yet we will continue to press towards the goal of making it safer for our children and ourselves. This won’t happen with an administration change. As a matter of fact, the diversity of this administration may cause a further increase in social unrest as the power if white supremacy is challenged.

It is important as sistahs, mothers, and partners in our community that we don’t allow anything to cause us to lose site of the reality that we are facing. Without that focus there is no way we can defend ourselves, keep our sanity, and assist in building stronger communities. We must remain vigilant and hold those in leadership accountable while dealing with the local threats we face. We don’t want normalcy…we need better.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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