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Rest: There is Always Tomorrow.

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(ThySistas.com) Tired appears to be a perpetual state of being for so many of us. When asked how we’re doing, tired is stated or simply understood as a continual part of the answer. More people are working from home now than ever in the wake of this pandemic or working in more strenuous conditions at the physical job location. One may have thought this would help us get more done, or somehow lighten the load. You remember constantly running all day only to get home and feel there will never be enough time to get everything done. Being at home removed, or minimized, some aspects of the day such as travel.

However, many of us are finding out that being at home every day practically all day is causing us to work harder that we’ve ever worked before. This applies to professional and personal life. If one is not careful everything can begin to merge running together. You might find that you get to bed later; those scheduled naps you thought you’d take is merely wishful thinking. Between work, family, and house responsibilities there is a never-ending need to keep going. You must keep working to feel accomplished. Until you can’t. There comes a time whereby you rest, or you crash.

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Perfection is not something we can obtain. We might need to evaluate what we consider as progress, and that concept needs to be more realistic. Let’s be honest we aren’t mutants from X-Men. We can do a lot, but self and sanity should not be neglected in the process. There has to be boundaries between home, work, family, and self. There has to be a reasonable shut-off point that allows you some time to recharge. Unfortunately, many of us will not always slay work and every room in the house every day. I admit there are times I look at the laundry and something in me says push, or you’re trifling. This is the root of the issue. Life is to be lived. That goes against the understanding of what our presentation should be.

Sistahs the truth is this, there will always be clothes to wash & fold, dishes to wash, meals to make, paperwork to tend to, and a way to improve all of it. As sure as we are waking up every day these are things that will be constants in life. Take the time to rest. We have to break out of the unrealistic expectation, no matter the source, and realize there is always tomorrow. Sometimes you may find that there needs to be a day(s) where you take a load off and truly decompress. You may need to sleep…or just simply be still. The recharge has to happen, and you are responsible for training others to respect this recharge space.

That brings us to the powerful word boundary, that often ushers in the word “no”. There will come a time whereby instead of planning how much you will do, you train if necessary, and delegate what needs to be done. It might mean telling someone that a specific task simply won’t get done today. It is important that you advocate for your need to rest…which is self-care. There will always be tomorrow. Rest voluntarily, or your body will decide for itself and shutdown.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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