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We Must Teach Our Children to Handle NO.

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( A spoiled child like spirit with huge temper tantrums has been in the White House for the past four years. Trump doesn’t understand that he can’t bend everything to his will. He doesn’t like being told no, but more importantly he is incapable of accepting such. He really doesn’t get that there are rules to government. Trump never understood the idea of being a public servant, and even more so that the American people are not his employees. He can’t do to us what he wants. When I would catch the news, or see his tweets I often wondered, who neglected to tell this man no when he was a child.

We see this behavior often, but instead of landing he person in the White House they find themselves in the unemployment office, or in jail. Pacifying children because we don’t want them to be unhappy or uncomfortable creates insufferable adults that feel they have the privilege and right to revoke any no given them that they don’t feel like hearing.

black mom talking to daughter - teaching her.

Every answer in life will not be yes. We will not always get what we want when we want it, and we must learn to adjust and adapt. You and I know this…but are we passing this on to our children? It is very understandable to want your children to have everything you never had. However, we must make sure we aren’t crippling them and setting them up for failure. They need a healthy dose of no, and sometimes for no reason than that is the answer best fitting for that moment; they will have to learn to adjust. Of course they won’t like it, might even have an attitude, but you can help guide them through that process of channeling their emotions and energy in a better way because the no is not going to change. This gets them ready to deal with life.

Sometimes the no isn’t given to our children because yes is convenient for the parent. There are times when we have to step away from others, our phone, social media, our hobbies, or whatever has our attention and actively parent our children. There are times they need to hear no they can’t play; they should participate in tidying the house. No, you can’t watch TV right now we are going to read a book. No, you can’t have cookies let’s make a fruit bowl. They must learn accountability to their own wellbeing through some of the no’s they receive. This turns into the adult that can say no to various desires and wants in the moment to accomplish a goal and tend to their needs.

It is easy to sit back and look at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and harp on the lack of accountability, and the inability of this leader to understand and accept NO. It is very important that we are careful not to create the same monster(s) in our own home and community. If we don’t teach out children to understand there is a space whereby no is necessary, and rules matter we are failing them. Just simply not okay.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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