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Wait. Just Wait.

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( You have to give Wylie E. Coyote from the Looney Tunes credit. He had a LOT of patience. A whole lot.  He was always willing to wait for his target.  He did not care how much money he had to spend on explosives.  He didn’t even care how much physical landscape he had to desecrate.  That roadrunner was his by any means necessary. How often do we do the same thing? How often do you have to have something from Amazon or you have to have that sweater or pair of shoes?

It’s ok.  We do not judge in this space because I am just as guilty.  My impulse behaviors have caused me more sorrow than joy, and I am slowly learning the power of a simple word: WAIT. A lot of beneficial and prosperous things could happen for us if we simply have patience. Developing patience allows us to experience the journey so we can appreciate the reward that comes from it.

What does patience look like? It depends.  Patience is not a grandmother sitting in a rocking chair on the porch while crocheting anymore.  Patience can be taking care of needs before wants. It can also be setting boundaries that help you to care for yourself so you can care for others.  You develop what patience looks like because you are the only person living your life.  People will attempt to give you their idea of what patience may be. It is okay to listen to their definition, but try to create your own.  Creating your own gives you the power to adjust your patience whenever you need to.

How do we practice patience when impulses want control? It is going to happen.  Your impulse is going to want control in moments when it seems like everything is out of control. However, is it really out of control or out of YOUR control? There is a difference. It is no longer under your control, but it is not harmful or detrimental to anyone’s existence. Do not feel compelled to save or solve problems that are not yours to save. Impulse feeds on that feeling, and then you will go on a binge on Amazon Prime that you cannot take back.

How does patience help the journey? You enjoy the journey to the destination.  I learned this lesson from the most unlikely place: volunteering.  I volunteer with a non-profit organization where I handle their social media.  I love the message that the organization has, and I love the opportunity to share it with others.  I enjoyed creating videos and building content that showcased the artistry of the organization.  I was ok with not being in control; I loved being a “worker bee” so-to-speak.  Recently, the Executive Director of that organization had to leave because of a job promotion.  I was asked to become the Executive Director in their spot. I accepted the position humbly because I thought about all the hours and time I enjoyed just being a part of the organization. Now that I am a part of leadership, I appreciate the experience to get to the position.  Patience taught me to take time and observe, enjoy, and be consistent.  Doing those things will get you to your destination faster than forcing anything to happen.

I fully understand being ambitious and driven.  Those two attributes make me who I am. However, I am learning the art of just waiting for things to happen. I do not always have to be in control. I do not have to be the leader. Sometimes, waiting is better and way more fun.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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