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Is a Mother’s Vengeance Wrong?

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(ThySistas.com) Miriam Rodriguez. She was probably named after someone in the bible. She is probably Hispanic or Latin.  But a renegade?  I would not know it by looking at her name.  Then, I learned how this woman made it her mission to hunt down almost every single person involved in abducting and killing her 20 year old daughter, Karen.  It is a true display of a mother’s love, but is she wrong?

The role of a mother in the household has changed from generation to generation.  It is no longer about caring and housekeeping.  Women have transitioned to action outside of the humble abode by working, advocating, and showcasing their abilities. Why action? To possibly be on the same plane as a man.  So, when a woman decides to be like Miriam, is she just a mother protecting her cubs or is she an irrational and emotional female?

Let’s look at the action of protection.  As an effective mother, you do your best to “defend or guard from attack” as dictionary.com says. This means that you create a safe space for your child to glow and grow.  You know that they will make mistakes and cause chaos as a part of growing up.  While you cannot stop them from experiencing every hurt and pain, you make sure to provide them with the knowledge and sense to guide themselves through it. I can probably guess that Miriam was a mother who believed in the idea of protection and family. She wanted her children to outlive her and not the other way around.

On the other hand, this woman chose to become the law.  Miriam Rodriguez took matters into her own hands when the Mexican government did not move fast enough and the ransom money she paid never resulted in her child coming home.  One day, something clicked in Miriam’s mind and she chose to become the hunter in a very dark world of cartels.  She hunted each person after doing thorough research, and she was able to put 10 of them in jail before she was killed. She lied, deceived, and even threatened just so she could feel some type of comfort of knowing her daughter didn’t die in vain.  What does it say about government and law enforcement if you are unable to trust that they will do their job?  What does it say about her as a person if she is willing to do immoral actions in order to vindicate herself from the guilt of losing one of her own children?

I am not a mom, yet. The actions of Miriam, however, do make me wonder how far I will go. How angry will I get? How vindictive will I become when I want to protect the lives of those that I spend 8 to 10 months incubating in my body? Miriam walked a fine line between justice and insanity when she chose to enforce law where injustice was plaguing everything.  Regardless of your stance on her choice of actions, it does make you think about what you will or won’t do for who you love.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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