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Their Battle Is Not Yours to Fight.

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( For the record, I really do love movies based on comic books.  Marvel and DC are quite amazing.  The funniest movies to me are the ones where someone is fighting for someone else’s screw up. Take Wonder Woman for example.  The current movie line starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in an incredible battle with her half-brother because of her mom’s choice to sleep with Zeus, Aries (and Wonder Woman’s) dad. So… because of Hippolyta’s craving for ultimate God…Wonder Woman has to defend the world from an angry sibling.  While I enjoy the story line, I can understand if Wonder Woman would be upset with her mom. She should be. While it’s great to save people, sometimes it is not worth your energy to be involved in someone else’s problem.

First, you have to remember that your energy and time are sacred. You need it to be the awesome person you are. When you choose to get involved in other people’s problems, you automatically give some of that great energy to something that probably does not need it.  However, they will usurp that energy from you if you are giving it away for free because they do not have to use theirs. Antiope, Wonder Woman’s aunt and Hippolyta’s sister, is a perfect example. While Hippolyta was in denial about Ares and his existence, Antiope trained Wonder Woman to become the powerhouse Amazon that would save the world. Antiope even gave her life so Wonder Woman could live. Not once did Antiope complain because she loved her family. However, she could have lived longer if she did not have to get involved.

Another reason why it is ok for you to let others fight their own battles is because it keeps you from getting into trouble!  When I was in seventh grade, I got into a fight with a boy because he insulted one of my friends. Back then, I thought I was being the ultimate friend and defender.  Now, I realize how stupid I was.  When the fight happened, I lost. Then, I got suspended from school. Currently, I am not even friends with the person I fought for! I lost way more than she did as a result of the fight, but, if I had let her fight her own battle, I could have avoided spending three days with my grandmother watching “The Price Is Right” and every soap opera on CBS.

I empathize with those who have a big heart and loyalty powers.  You have a gift that is amazing, and it deserves respect. You have a well of patience that elementary school teachers’ envy.  You have a strength that Delilah could never take away from you no matter how much hair she could try to cut off.  I also believe in the greatness of all of you to be there for a person no matter what. There is a difference between loyalty and abuse. Yes, I said abuse.  When you go into the ring for these people, they choose to let you bruise and break while they sit outside the ring waiting for the rounds to be done. They choose to improperly use you. They choose to let others treat you in an injurious way.  No more. Take yourself out of the ring.  Yes, you can still support them. Yes, you can listen and offer advice. However, the action is on them. Put them in the position to get knocked out or to do the knocking out.

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