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This Administration Can’t Use Dr. King.

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( This administration, as we understand, knows no limit to the its need to be seen. Trump wants to make everything in the world about him…until it’s about what he doesn’t do well. His administration fiercely defends the foolishness we see day in and out. As we commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King in this country the 45 took it upon himself to let his Twitter fingers run free yet again. He needed the world to know that he was sworn into office January 20, 2017. That has nothing to do with MLK day, and it’s interesting how much he thinks he has something to do with low unemployment rates for African Americans. This administration has given us nothing but disrespect and ridicule.

Under this administration there are citizens that feel it’s okay to torment black people and other POC openly once again. They feel they are good people. This is not a holiday 45 needs to compare to himself in anyway. The day he was sworn in many Americans were angry because we know this country was in peril, and further away from Dr. King’s dream. There are things, like this holiday, that 45 could not possibly understand because it’s above his understanding.

Furthermore, Kellyanne Conway should take all the seats she can immediately. This president has been impeached because of his actions. He has had a heavy hand in further dividing this nation, and he’s allowed hate to be spread on his watch like cancer. When asked how 45 was celebrating this national holiday she stated “the president agrees with many things Dr. King stood for including unity and equality. She also stated, “Dr King’s vision did not included Americans dragged through the process where the president is not going to be removed from office.”

When did MLK day become a speaking point to defend against impeachment? Where has this president or administration showed any since of standing for unity or equality? Save this fuss for president’s day if you want to make a statement but leave Dr. King out of your sick defense of hatred. There is nothing 45 stands for that is in line with the work of Dr. King.

This administration can’t summon the position of any leader that stood against hatred, inequality, or poverty. 45 and company has shown they care nothing about the well-being of Americans. Equality in this country is a laughing matter to them. Black people know what it means to press against the evil of racism, hatred, all manners of discrimination, and Dr. King was a leading force in that press. He is not someone this administration admires in any way. They wouldn’t understand what it means to commemorate the life of someone who was selfless to the cause of seeing justice in this country. This administration has not heart…and the soul of it is foul. America has to open its eyes completely to what we’ve always been…because it has given birth to where we are right now. Maybe that is something we should contemplate as we think on the life and legacy of Dr. King.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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