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Protect Your Eyelashes.

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( Getting our look together is very important. A woman should have the right to invest in her look as she sees fit without judgement. Why a sistah chooses to wear weave, artificial nails, or eyelashes can vary, but she shouldn’t have to justify her reason to anyone. I remember when I stated wearing wigs due to my health. There were other sistahs that asked me why I wouldn’t just have confidence in being bald…some can do it, but I wasn’t one of them. Learning how to express my artistic creativity was such a help while I was going through treatments that caused my body to undergo unfavorable changes like hair loss.

In an effort to learn more about make-up and aiming to have a complete look I started using false eyelashes. I must admit that before now I would get my eyelashes put on and taken off professionally. Maybe this is why I had never encountered problems with them before. I loved getting my lashes done as they always complete the look and make me feel wonderful about the look of my eyes. As my health begin to show signs of improvement, and as I became more knowledgeable about my make-up, I started doing more of my beauty maintenance on my own. In some areas this became a nightmare.

Sistahs protect your eye lashes. Putting on artificial lashes can be a tricky situation when applying lash glue. I’ve found they may not be as difficult to apply but can cause serious problems when its time to remove them. I had always used the lashes applied as a strip, but I felt I wanted something different. How hard could individual lashes be? I learned a very painful lesson as I had difficulties getting them off. I know you might be thinking…you should have read the direction, but for whatever reason it wasn’t that simple for me. Taking those lashes off took oil in access and it was painful. After I got them off my eye lids that are was sore for a few days. I though that was normal since the eyes are a sensitive area. Maybe, I did it wrong…or missed something in the directions. I waited a couple of weeks, made sure I read the directions well and tried again. I was very happy about the outcome but encountered the same problem when it was time to take the lashes off. This time I realized I lost a lot of my actual eyelashes and had swollen eye lids. I foolishly thought it was a situation of practice makes perfect which caused me more irritation and eyelash loss.

Taking care of the lashes one has is important; we can add enhancement but can’t forget to care for what we have. I went back to the salon where I got my lashes don’t and I learned that I didn’t put them on, not take them off correctly. She was kind enough to show me the proper way to do this without hurting myself. However, I am on lashes hiatus while I love on the lashes I have left. Before you try to lash yourself up make sure you know what to do so that you protect the eyelashes you have and avoid eye irritation. This can apply to anything you are trying to do yourself. You owe no one an explanation as to why you handle you beauty as you do, but be sure you are taking care of yourself and being safe in whatever you choose.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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