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Can I trust Women With My Political Views.

January 2, 2020 by  
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( I’ve never considered myself a feminist because I find it hard to trust the direction of said movement. Far too often black women, and women of color, have been betrayed by white women while being told we are all in this together. While white women were standing with us, they parted ways when going into the voting booth. Trump overwhelmingly had their support in 2016, and they approve his job thus far in high number. We can’t judge all white women equally but its fair to say that some of those that have “amen sister” moments with us clearly wear their mask well.

Black women have many factors to consider when taking a political position…it’s so much more than merely Democrat or Republican. We have to look at which candidates, and positions, afford us the best opportunity to stay alive and keep our family alive, literally. This is often choosing between the best of two evils, but we do the best with the options afforded us. Are we able to trust women to stand with us when voting could be the difference of life and death for us?

There is a perspective that says I should be able to build with other women about politics; we should be able to come together to consolidate our vote in the best interest of women. in theory this makes perfect sense. When women have marches, we tend to see everyone, but that is a distorted view of reality. White women have long controlled the narrative of the feminist movement to their advantage while betraying that movement in the voting booth. This is not an unknown position, yet black women continue, in large, try and explain the urgency of our voting responsibility. Though our voice is not given the respect it deserved black women have had a hand in discerning the candidate before them knowing no candidate is perfect.

Black women have been increasingly calling out their white counterparts, or another group of women, that claims to be pro-woman but vote against that interest. This has led to a continual, but deeper feeling of distrust amongst black and white women. How can I discuss politics with a woman who doesn’t endure the same degree of disenfranchisement in this country? She doesn’t always have to deal with the consequences of said vote. This can even lead to a greater mistrust of white female candidates because it could be assumed that they will disregard the voice of black women the way other white women have over the years.

Black women must consider the idea that we can trust each other with our political positions, and concerns. We have great voting power, and instead of trying to appeal to white women that our concerns are just as important as them, and in some cases the urgency is greater. We must assume that we can not trust white women, as a whole, to stand with us as we fight the establishment. In many ways they are not out ally, politics is not excluded.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele 

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