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Being Momma is a Sacrifice of Love.

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( Motherhood is a beautiful thing. It does not matter how you have come to have children, being someone’s mother is a sacred honor. It is a title many mothers can admit they didn’t fully understand until they were walking in the mantle. Being a mother comprises so many things, and it is more than what is seen with the eyes. Motherhood is a sacrifice in the heart and soul of a woman. It calls for a degree of selflessness many couldn’t imagine, and it demands fight. Mothers, in many instances, are the first teachers a child will have. They are the first creators of routine and daily regimen. Mothers introduce their children to the world around them in a delicate way. They nurture, and give nourishment from within, and do everything in their power to find what that child needs to be strong. Every woman will mother their child differently based on their personality, and that of the child. However, there are certain things every mother must come to terms with, and certain expectations that must be met regardless of the how. Every mother must find a way to work out the sacrifices they make for their children.

Every mother can testify that they must give deeply of themselves for the sake of their children. It’s time we tell the truth…motherhood and selfish do not go together. We are at the core of a child’s foundation so we must work out that journey of development with them. This means there are season in which we don’t sleep much, at times we must adjust what is comfortable for us to give out child what they need. If you find, in your life before children, you were the queen of short cuts and needed things to come to you with ease children will change that.

These changes can range from random shortcuts in a morning routine to finding a church home that better ministers to the needs of not only you…but that of your child. It will mean rearranging your me time sometimes when you are early in the foundation building of your child. Yes, we know self-care is important and it should be maintained. However, you must find a way to force the two spaces to co-exist because you won’t be okay in any form if your child is not okay.

Mothers are warriors. They must always be ready to defend their child against anything, and anyone, that seeks to do harm. Every child deserves to know their momma loves them enough to fight for them. It’s understood that you aren’t fighting for your child’s misbehavior, but you won’t sit by and watch your child be mistreated. If you have family members that are toxic you must protect your children from them. When the school tries to tell you your baby can’t learn you have to step in and refute that position. Moms shouldn’t blindly trust anyone with their children, and this includes the school system.

Too many children have been abused in the school setting, and the parents are shocked because they felt it was the job of the school to protect their child. Maybe in theory, but black parents know the schools have never, as a whole, made it their job to protect nor empower our children. Mom you need to know what’s going on with your child. Take their academic progress into your hands and know your child. Ask about their days and create a setting by which they know to come to you when something is not right, and if its not be willing to challenge everything for your child.

When someone says that’s my mother, they are saying a mouthful. Motherhood is the hardest challenge many of us will embark upon, yet it is rewarding beyond measure. Never allow anyone to downplay who you are, and what you do for your children when you are giving it all you got. At the same time, we are learning on the job so allow others to help you. Talk to mothers you know that are getting things done if you need a few tips. It takes a team of mothers to pour into the life of one child. The love of a mother is deep, and it is wrapped in patience, compassion, selflessness, and sacrifice.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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