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I Want Peace in 2020.

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(ThySistas.com) In a few days we will bring in a new year, and decade. For many these past 10 years have been a trying of our patience. We have lost people that are dear to us, and there are no words for the void that is left behind. Some people have fought various kinds of discrimination on their job. These situations have forced people into financial hardships that are not of their own making. It is difficult to hear others tell you about ways to get your business in order in an accusatory manner, but the discrimination you faced stripped you of what you earned. Some of our sisters have fought severe medical battles, and as the year close out some are still in a fight just to make it to 2020.

There have been wonderful moments in this decade that are the things rich memories are made of, and on the other hand the nightmares are just as profound. Going into this year, as I don’t make resolutions at all, I just want to live in peace. I admit I’m over the toxic situations, fighting to be seen or heard, forcing myself into spaces that don’t fit, and explaining why validation in not on my list of things to chase.

Peace is the focus going forward and that might help mitigate the health issues, and some of the other problems internally we face on a day to day basis. It is understood that peace is not something that is controlled or determined by what’s happening around you, but it is governed by what is happening inside of you. I’m learning that peace is a part of self-care, and it is vital to maintaining mental health. I can’t control what the world does…but I can control me, and how I choose to respond to the world around me.

What we feed ourselves has a hand in determining how much peace we will have, or not. Let’s divorce the drama, demand reciprocity, feed our spirit positivity, and show up for self every single day. We ought not merely do this because a new year is starting…we should begin as soon as possible because peace is a right now necessity.

There is so much going on in the news…everyday it’s enough to give someone an anxiety attack somewhere, but I’ve decided I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want to live another moment in internal upheaval…it’s a waste of energy. This coming year, and decade, I challenge myself and you to walk in peace. We must find the things in life that bring us joy and seize them. If you know this year has been loaded with confusion don’t beat yourself up. Learn what you can from those situations and leave them in 2019. You don’t owe a single soul your peace of mind and spirit. The people that don’t value what you contribute to their life should no longer have access to that energy. Order your life and surrounding in a manner that allows you to function best and do so unapologetically. Peace will allow us to truly life going forward in the new year, and you deserve to life the best life you can.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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