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The Sage Might Target You.

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( Today there is plenty of discussion about energy, vibrations, crystals, alters, ancestor worship, and burning sage. On one hand it is wonderful that many sistahs are looking to wholistic cultural practices to cleanse their environment, remove negative energy and spirits, bring about clarity, and to stay connected to the ancestors just to name a few things. Unfortunately, too many will not do their research or connect with their family for knowledge. It will sound interesting and make one feel as though they are deep so there are many sistahs dealing in things that are very real, yet they don’t know what they are doing.

Many spiritual (not necessarily religious) actions and practices are being treated like a fad because it’s what’s trending. Many of these practices help center, and bring overall balance, to the person engaging in the practice. Because these actions can expose you to the questionable spaces within self it is best to learn before doing. In addition to a “trending” culture this is also a time whereby accountability is low, everything is about one’s feelings, real conditions are misused and weaponized, speaking one’s truth is expected to sit higher than the actual truth of a matter.

It is hard to get the best out of these practices when you are not ready to confront yourself. If you find that you are negative about life no matter what positivity or blessings come your way it is important to confront that reality, and deal with it. Many cultural spiritual practices call for the practitioner to be responsible for the energy they give off and accept. It is quite easy to look at everyone around you and have something to say regarding their behavior.

Far too often we can receive wisdom or a word that we need to take heed to, but it’s so much easier to begin to think about every person you know that needs to make the adjustments the wisdom conveyed. You can’t begin to cleanse or bring balance to spaces that don’t allow truth to be handled. Looking yourself in the mirror might be hard, but it is a start in the direction of walking in truth and taking the authority your life requires to see change.

It is a waste of time to burn sage in a space you gossip, bad mouth others, speak negativity, mis-treat yourself, and lie to yourself. You will find that the road to clarity comes through you righting those spaces. Drink some water to cleanse internally as you begin to cleanse other areas. Put boundaries on your words so that you move in a direction of right speaking, and positive speaking. If a matter is not about you and won’t concern you it might be time to take your words away from that space. Speak goodness in your home over your life, your space, and loved ones. Begin the process of cleansing and ushering in clarity before the sage is burned. When you burn it…you are cleansing the air, righting the energy, and promoting a positivity that is already in motion. It will remove the negativity others may have walked into your space, but it won’t target you as the source of said negativity.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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