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2020 Could be Great.

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( This is the time where everyone begins to harp on what they will not tolerate in the new year, and what they intend to manifest. If we are honest, we hear the same surface spill every year. I’m going to lose weight, but there isn’t much said about being healthy. There will be do drama I won’t have it, but there is no discussion with self about the changes in one’s circle that will need to be made. This year is about stacking paper and staying on my grind, but that will mean wise financial decisions and long nights. I admit I want 2020 to be less physically painful that 2019 has been. My health, though I’ve gotten better, has been a debilitating situation at times. Yet, I know if more progress is to be made, I must be willing to create a plan and have the discipline to stick to it. I am one of those that hate New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t really believe they are obtainable. They tend to be common broad desires with no details to execute for a favorable result. How important is it for you to have a good year?

If you want to drop some pounds this upcoming year cool. Take the time to research your goals and create a plan. Know that you will not always feel as motivated as you will be in January. You will need the discipline to stick to your workout plan even when you don’t feel like getting up. It will be important to dedicate yourself to your dietary regimen. There will be times when you don’t feel like drinking water nor eating veggies, but you need it and so does your goal. You won’t become healthy by just speaking it…nor will it happen overnight. When you make this apart of your resolution just know there will be a great deal of work require, but the payout it amazing.

So many people see to be getting rid of toxic people (I admit I’m starting to hate the word toxic), and don’t want any drama in 2020. To truly see this in 2020 the person we must address first is self. Drama doesn’t exist unless it’s already present, it’s invited, or allowed. You want to make sure you don’t move in a way that invites drama in order to have a year without it. This same concept can be applied to toxic people. This doesn’t mean you are responsible for the actions of others. IT means you need to assess who they are to you, and why they are allowed to be toxic in your life. This can be difficult because it can force you to grapple with areas of your life that you need to address as they attract negativity. Again, consistency throughout the year will be a necessary element.

Financial increase is on just about every list. We can all use more revenue to do the things we must, an some of the things we desire. This can be a trying task because sometimes it feels like the financial come up is a combination of grind and luck. You could be doing everything you can to save, but one out the blue situation can start a cycle of cash flow problems. With that being acknowledged, create a budget…know what you have coming in and going out. Assess areas where you can afford to cut back. Discipline is going to be key.

2020 could be a great year if you are willing to work for it. It will take more than a resolution to get the year you want. It will take a plan, consistency, and discipline in every area you want to be impacted this coming year. Claim the year you want, and get ready to work to manifest said year.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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