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Moving to Action Can Be Grounding.

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(ThySistas.com) I admit there are certain times of the year whereby the anxiety and depression is gripping. I would wake in the morning pondering how I will manage to put one foot in front the other. Over time I have come to realize, though I love and cherish my family, sometimes a spouse or children isn’t enough to shake the feeling. Far too often I was told to do what’s needed for my kids or for my family. It has become quite apparent that if I’m going to shake the heaviness it my first and foremost be done for self.

What I found to be ironic is even in understanding such and agreeing I still found it difficult to actually move. I’d do what was necessary for my family and float from the bed to the couch. Doing the basics for others didn’t translate into doing the what was needed for self. Personal productivity was at an all time low and I was in no mood to mentally work through what was dealing with me, however something had to give. It was as if one situation was triggering another so something had to be done. It was time for meditation.

Black Woman - Meditating.

Meditating can be a wonderful way to usher in calm, to balance one’s self, and to target a specific space. I decided to meditate on my ancestors…my grandmothers and my dad. Sometimes mediating on the principles, we are taught by those that have poured into our life can offer explanations and solutions that hadn’t come time to mind. I wanted to focus of their strengths, and what I was truly seeing when I saw them moving through hardship, trauma and challenges.

One thing that came to me was constant movement…constant action. My grandmother worked through difficulty by physically moving, and mastering the things she could control until she found a way to manage what she was facing. I realized this was the way of my ancestors; as I looked around there was plenty to do and I was literally thinking too much. I needed to ground myself quickly before I could be triggered in any other way. There needed to be a quick executive decision.

I decided to force myself to action. I needed to put one foot in front the other to simply make the bed, which turned into folding and putting away laundry. Onwards to the next task right in front of me. I didn’t need to think…I needed to move. Eventually I went outside and swept the patio and tended to the plants. The heaviness did not leave immediately. At first, I simply kept telling myself to keep moving. There was more than enough to do to keep me occupied all day. The thing was I didn’t make time to focus on the source of anxiety nor heaviness. I was focused on each breath, movement, and area I was cleaning. I began to recite uplifting scriptures to myself until I could begin my positive faith confessions…all while moving. I realized it the heaviness was lifting, I was grounding myself, and the anxiety was decreasing. In addition, my house has been cleaned with a purpose. Moving myself to action was the answer for grounding myself.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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