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New Orleans is Nonstop Music.

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( Recently I saw a piece of art that stated all the different kinds of people that make up New Orleans. Though I agreed with most I could not wrap my mind around “hipsters”. I saw that because its been explained to me, and native New Orleanian” that hipsters are transplants from other cities…primarily from the East Coast. If that isn’t accurate, I would love to hear another definition. What New Orleans is not is an East Coast city, it isn’t Atlanta, it isn’t any other place and it carries its own deeply rooted culture. People that visit the city then to fall in love with food, music, and accents. One can argue food and music are just as much a part of our religion and the Bible. This is great when one is a tourist. They can dance to the live music all night while indulging in good drinks, and food that makes the soul happy.

This love affair makes New Orleans a repeat tour spot to the point some people have a mind to relocate and live here. The doors of the city are wide open but understand that what you love when you visit doesn’t have a season. The food, alcohol and MUSIC flows all year long. Music is the heart and soul of this city. It’s a shame that so many transplants don’t seem to understand.

If you visit for Mardi Gras there are marching bands on the street and second lines through out the city for different reasons, or none at all. tourists love to enjoy this authentic aspect of New Orleans. However, what they don’t seem to understand is this musical city has a nonstop song. Yes, marching band is a season, but those children practice in nearby neighborhoods. Residents tend to come outside and enjoy the show. There are different eating and bar like establishments that keep several live bands going throughout the week. Brass bands strike up the music at any given time, and yes it happens in residential areas. Again, we come outside, second line, fellowship, and basically enjoy the atmosphere. If this disagrees with you understand it’s our culture. It is a culture that pre-dates your existence and ours. We love the energy and sounds that make New Orleans home for us, and honestly, we do not want it altered.

This doesn’t mean transplants have nothing to offer the culture of the city, but it means they have no right to change it. There were people that moved to the city and complained about what they called noise because they felt it needing a stopping time. Musicians lost jobs and the energy of said places began to change. Our residential areas look and function differently, and that shouldn’t have to change because it’s not the same as where you are from. The complaints about music when all the way to City Hall since NOPD refused to pay attention to the fussing. The word gentrification is being used a lot, and justifiably so.

There are areas around the city of New Orleans that you may find to be a bit quieter, and you can drive into the city when you want your fix. Kenner is just down I-10, and you will find the residential area to be quieter. Visit is not even 20min away when you want to enjoy what New Orleans is culturally. Our music is not a fix, nor a fad…it’s a part of who we are. You are always welcomed to join us, but leave our soul intact.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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