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The Summer Body Craze.

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( As summer approaches there is a push to hit the gym, detox the body, and adjust the diet. This sounds awesome when thinking about health, however one of the purposes for the change is the summer body craze. This is the time when sisters think about the maxi dresses, swim wear, and other outfits they want to get into for the summer. There is nothing wrong with wanting a certain look for the season as long as we are fair to self in the pursuit of the look. Some sisters are willing to go to great extremes to shred the pounds, and sometimes they feel they can’t go certain places if the goal is not achieved.

It is important to keep overall health and wellness in mind as we gear up for the summer season. Being comfortable in one’s skin is still important regardless of the goal that we are pursuing; none of us to be shamed if we don’t reach the summer body goal. The fall and winter is a comfortable time for many of us in terms of food and exercise, however thinking about summer goals during that season could help us attain the look we want without the added pressure.

I admit I don’t get excited when I see summer coming. I’m reminded of my allergies, and my body’s intolerance to heat. Going outside for the good spring/summer jog can have me swollen in the face and itching all over. I find that my most active workout regime is actually in the cold, and since I’m always the cook overindulging at holiday time never happens. I’m also of those that feel whatever my body is when summer approaches is what the world will get from me. If I’m still a bit fluffy I’ll continue to work on bettering my health while basking in where I am at the current. This is not, for many, the popular position. Summer is about festivals, bar-b-ques, vacations, family reunions, and lots of beach fun. Sisters start thinking about the look they want in to achieve as soon as the cold lets up, and they are headed to the gym. The problem is never in wanting the look, nor working hard to attain such.

We must be careful when deciding on the method that will be used in the area of fitness and diet. It is very important to make sure we aren’t crash dieting and depriving our body of necessary nutrients for the sake of losing a few pounds. It is important that we are not overworking the body in the gym which can lead to serious injury causing a wrinkle in the look you want. Keeping your health and wellness first has to remain the primary goal. Some of us need to detox after comfort food season, but that has to be in healthy way. There are many drink only fads on the internet that can have you fighting for energy and feeling sickly. The look doesn’t matter if you are laid up sick.

While working on attaining your fitness goals remember one of the best parts of your look is the confidence you have in self. The summer body sounds great, but its nothing without the self-love to complete the look. You are amazing whether you hit the goal in the time set, or it takes a bit longer.

Some of us just want to shed a few pounds, some are bouncing back from injury, others are trying to shed after pregnancy, while others are trying to maintain health during health challenges, and some are just seeking to continue the progress of good health. Regardless of why you are on a fitness journey remember that it’s a journey. In addition to working out and a healthy eating lifestyle remember your other areas of wellness that will also assist with your summer body goals.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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