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Encourage the Education.

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( There is a special bond between a mother and her children. She has carried her babies, nurtured them, and she becomes the embodiment of care in their eyes. In addition to these things she is also the first teacher of the child. Children learn, as they get older, to strive and achieve for themselves. However, there is always a part of them that just wants to make their mother proud. In many instances when they are digging deep within themselves to continue a task, they can find inspiration from knowing their mom loves them and is their biggest fan. Because so much of a child’s validation is intertwined in the position of their mother what mom champions is very important.

Athletic coaches are very aware of this truth when they appeal to you as they scout your child for their respective teams. They know, in most cases, that decision will be discussed with mom and she had great influence in the outcome. What we as mothers encourage has a lot to do with the areas our children will choose to apply themselves.

We must encourage and push the joy of learning before the love of sports. This journey begins before our babies can walk. When they are in the womb and they reach the point of ear development whereby they can here you what will you say to them? Will you read books to them, speak life to them, and tell them they will be wonderful? This is where we can begin their journey towards the love of education. Yes, this means being aware of our energy, and influence but its more than worth it for the betterment of our children. Once our babies arrive, we might have to turn off the devices as we introduce them to the joys of reading and the wonders of numbers. As they see the excitement in our eyes that energy will transfer to them. We can definitely encourage physical strength and development, and many of us look forward to being the loudest mom in the stands one day.

However, we also want to be the loudest cheering mom as we watch them develop in different areas of learning. Our kids need to know we are just as proud of them when they excel academically as we are in any other area. As they understand the importance of education through us, they can come to value the impact it could have on their life.

Should our kids excel athletically we want them to know that no matter what happens on the field or court their academic achievements have earned them a seat in college that injury can’t steal. In this we force coaches to respect the minds as well as the physical talents of our children. We are teaching them that they are not to be merely used for someone else’s gain, but there is to be an even exchange. The first reason for going to college is to secure the degree; when we encourage education that becomes the first scholarship they work to attain. Our children are more than pawns in the NCAA’s game of how many millions can we make. We want them to take advantage of everything their mind has to offer. It is so much easier for a child to see the end game when mom is willing to cheer hard on all fronts.

When our children look back, they will be able to see that mom, and dad, played a vital role in their love of learning, their academic prowess, and it is something they will pass on to their children. There is nothing wrong with the many different career options our children may desire, including sports, however we want them to be able to go in whatever direction they choose because their mind can get them there.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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