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How Can We Keep Our Children Well.

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( Children are known to carry germs from their interactions at school. They can bring home colds and the flu; before you know it, the entire house is sick trying to get well. Sometimes we can’t avoid being under the weather. However, lately the influx of sickness in our children leading to the adults being sick is alarming. There has to be ways that we could possibly help our babies stay well. Granted there is a serious fight going on about whether once should have their children vaccinated or not; there are plausible arguments on each side. Yet, aside from the vaccination questions we must take a look at the state of our children at home, and when they leave the house. What we eat, drink, the vitamins we take or not, and how we dress for the day are all contributing factors to our overall wellness.

Some of us remember growing up with elders that policed what we ate, how we dressed and introduced routine minerals (that taste terrible) to help us stay well because sickness was something the body nor finances could afford. With all of our innovation as a society one may wonder if we should return to some of the method of our elders to help our children fight off illness.

I went out recently to grab a bite to eat, and I love seeing all the beautiful happy children enjoying their visit. They are so carefree and full of life, if one is having a rough day the joy of children can bring a smile to your face. It was a very cold, windy, rainy day when I say a particular child with no sock or shoes on in the restaurant. She had on lightweight clothes with her chest exposed. Granted I wasn’t overly alarmed because I just knew the clothes had to be with her parent. When I got ready to leave, I saw this same baby outside in the frigid cold and rain in the same state I had seen her in while those she was with were bundled up. It wasn’t a matter of judgement but of concern and I immediately began to pray that precious baby did not end up sick from her exposure to the elements. This led me to ask the question how can we keep our children well.

When kids get sick it doesn’t just affect them. Often times due to the necessity of work many parents have no choice but to send the child to school sick which can get other children, and teachers, sick but it is also hard on the child. furthermore, as mentioned previously your entire house can end up sick. This is both costly in medicine and measured to try and offer relief for symptoms, depending on how bad the illness is a trip the pediatrician or emergency room might be necessary, and either the doctor visit or the illness itself can keep you from being able to work.

It is important to make sure our children have a balance diet and they are eating a healthy amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, in this it helps to lead by example. Drinking adequate water is also necessary for our kids their bodies need to be flushed regularly as do ours. Some of us will never suffer our children to take those awful tablespoons of cod liver oil, but we might want to research and look into probiotics in addition to a good multi-vitamin. From the kitchen alone we can do quite a bit to help our children have a stronger immune system. Making sure they pay attention to hygiene through washing their hands and bathing regularly help. Some kids here people say bathing regularly is not important, but when the flu and other sickness is running rampant in school it is very important. It is often overlooked, but children need to get adequate sleep to help their immune system stay healthy and fight off illness.

Too many of our kids are up will past bed time for their age. They might not think they need the rest, but their body does. Its not just a matter of staying awake in class, its also an issue of wellness.  Lastly, we all know our weather can be seriously inconsistent. This makes dressing for the weather difficult. Furthermore, as our children get older, they might not want to dress according to the weather for their perceived fashion purposes. However, that’s why they have parents and elders. Many of us have access to the weather in the morning, and it’s important that we enforce that our children dress for weather, so they are better protected from the elements.

Keeping children well is not an easy task at certain times of the year, however we must do all that we can to prevent illness. Vaccination is a parental choice, however there are so many other things that can be done from diet, to rest, to how we prepare them to dress for the weather that can help decrease their chances of getting sick…and getting us and others sick. Take the time to evaluate what they are doing on a regular basis so you would know where the adjustments need to be made. It is had to watch children suffer with illness so wellness must be a priority.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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