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10 Small Goals That You Can Accomplish in 2019.

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( Are you off to a slow start this year, accomplishing big goals?  You can accomplish these small goals in less than six months.  Sometimes, accomplishing the smallest goals produce great outcomes.  Here are 10 small goals that you can accomplish in 2019:

Start a career journal or career vision board.  Don’t continue to be frustrated about your career goals.  Start a career journal and document your aspirations daily, weekly or monthly.  Create a plan for your goals regarding your career.  You can also create a vision board specifically for your career goals.  Visualizing what you want for your career will help you manifest it eventually.

For one month, abstain from drinking cocktails/wine.  Think about how much money you will save if you don’t order cocktails or any alcoholic beverages for a month.  Life can be stressful at times, but instead of spending your hard earned money on booze, save it and treat yourself to something really nice at the end of the month.  Every time you get the urge to purchase alcohol, take that amount of money that you would have spent, and put it in your savings account.

Learn a new skill or craft.  This year is the perfect time to learn a new skill or craft as a hobby.  Instead of binge watching Netflix on the weekends, learn a new skill or craft.  YouTube has tons of tutorials that can teach you a plethora of skills and crafts from the comforts of your home or you can venture out and purchase a class at a physical location.

Save $500 in an online account.  Open up an online savings account (i.e., Goldman Sachs) and save $500.  Online savings accounts are not easily assessable, which is a great way to accomplish this goal.  You can have money automatically transferred to this account from your paycheck or from any source of income of your choice.  Online savings accounts, do not have ATM/Debit cards and takes about 1-3 business days for the funds to transfer into your checking account, which by then, you don’t want to spend the money anyway.

Bring your lunch to work for a week.  Another way to save you some money.  On average, you probably eat out for lunch 3-4 times a week, spending up to $10-15 per meal.  Consider the amount of money that you can save in a week and also eat healthier meals if you prepare your own meals.  Google or check out on Pinterest or YouTube ideas to help you, meal prep for a week.

Read a book in your industry/field of work.  There is a wealth of knowledge hidden in books.  You want to level up in your career, read a book in your industry or field of work regardless if you’re a business owner or employee.

Earn $200 in passive income.  Take that new skill or craft that you’ve learned and monetize it.  Everyone doesn’t want to be a full-time entrepreneur, but who doesn’t enjoy spending $200 on something that they enjoy and it doesn’t affect their paychecks and monthly bill payments.  You can treat your loved ones or yourself to dinner, a facial, a shopping spree, etc.  Passive income is a consistent cash flow that requires a minimal to no effort to maintain it (Wikipedia).

Wake up earlier.  Set your alarm clock for 15 minutes or up to one hour earlier every day.  Waking up earlier helps you start your day in a positive way instead of being rushed to meet the demands of your family or workplace.  You can knock out your easiest or hardest goals for the day, if you wake up earlier.

Get an annual checkup.  Don’t put off getting an annual checkup again this year.  Call your doctor’s office and set an appointment to get an annual appointment as soon as possible.  Your health is a priority and should apart of any goals that you set for yourself.

Declutter a room in your house.  Don’t wait until spring break to declutter a room in your house.  Donate unwanted items to a local shelter and discard anything that is not worth keeping in your possession, broke, etc.  Another way to add money to savings account is selling those items that you no longer want online through eBay, social media or apps that are created to sell new and gently used items.

These 10 small goals that you can accomplish in 2019 can be done in one day, one week, one month or three months.  These are all realistic goals and very achievable.  Don’t stress yourself trying to accomplish your bigger goals, first.  Fun Activity: make a list of other small goals that you can accomplish in your journal.

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