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Choose Happiness This Year.

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( Many of us grew up being taught that happiness was based on our feelings, or circumstances. Society seemed to beat into us that we had to earn happiness. Everyone is not entitled to happiness, and if we reach for it happiness would disappear. How dare you smile when all hell is breaking loose? If you are not feeling happy there is no way you can be happy said the world.

Furthermore, fake it until you make it does not apply where happiness is concerned. Unfortunately, we have been greatly misinformed regarding happiness. It is possible to choose happiness no matter what is going on in life. If we can believe it…happiness is for us, and it is not based on what others think we should feel. It is not based on our circumstance.

Many sisters are facing situations whereby they feel they don’t have control of their feelings let alone their life. This can definitely cause one’s energy to shift in a negative direction. When control Is missing in the areas that truly belong to us it can become very difficult to navigate day to day, and even interact with people we love. This lack of control can leave you feeling very distant from those in your home, and cold to those on your job and in the community. The world feels as though its against you, and nothing you do can be right now is good enough.

That is a dangerous space not only because of the way it affects you, but also because of the false perception of things and others it can give. While many are still trying to get a handle on what they want 2019 to be consider making happiness a mandatory requirement for your life. Consider it not because someone ordered you to do so, but because it is a step-in taking control of how you choose to see self and the world. The key in all of it is the power of your choice.

Happiness is yours for the taking. Just as you choose the food you will eat, what you will wear, and your practice of hygiene every day…choose happiness. You already know the world can be an unfair place, and people can be fickle in their treatment. You are aware of the craziness at your job, and you know there is jealousy and envy somewhere in just about every environment. You are aware that sometimes family is supportive, and other times they can be the very agent of abuse and ill treatment. You know that money can get tight and you might end up robbing Peter to pay Paul to make ends meet when the bills are due. You know your significant other…and this can be a positive or a negative, or you know you want a significant other and feel uneasy about the loneliness that void creates.

These are all things that happen in life that you are aware of, and they are not always spaces you can control. The beauty in all of this is you can control, contrary to belief, YOU. Sister you decide every morning you wake up whether you will be happy because you said so, or if your happiness will be dictated by others and circumstances. This is an area you control…seize it!

Being happy does not mean everything in your life is flowing as it should. However, it does allow you to have internal peace despite what it is happening around you. Happiness allows you to hone your positive energy giving you permission to attract the positivity that is in the world. It can help you see things in your life clearly so that you handle situations a bit more fairly. When you remove people from your life it wasn’t without cause, and when you exhibit patience it is justified.

Take some time to think about what you can control and cannot. Sister allow your radiant smile to be a revolutionary act of choice verses a mask that hides suffering. You will decide on many things in 2019…allow happiness to be your choice. Take this area of control back from the world because it belongs to you, and you alone.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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