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10 Methods to Ensure All Children Receive Equal and Fair Education.

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(ThySistas.comThe state of some education systems is becoming more and more worrying as the days go by. Who is standing up for children who don’t have access to the correct facilities and teachers? What will happen to these little ones who aren’t exposed to a well-rounded school life? These questions aren’t easy to answer, but something certainly needs to be done to ensure children are getting the most out of their school life. Whether we’re striving to make further education more exciting or we’re reaching out to developing countries that don’t have the means to provide adequate education for their youngsters.

A solid education is truly the foundation for a healthy, happy and prosperous life, so every child deserves to have this opportunity in their hands. If you have children yourself you will be aware of the daily moans in the morning when it’s time to get up and catch the school bus. It’s time to start teaching our families and those around us that a good education is a privilege not a right. Not everybody has this kind of opportunity around them, so it’s time to start fighting for equal and fair education for everyone.

  1. Reach Out to Developing Countries

It is quite an upsetting topic to touch upon, especially when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture. However, there are children out there who don’t have access to a well-rounded education, or even an education at all. There is a particular focus at the moment on girls education in developing countries, as the majority of females are growing up to be illiterate. Luckily, there are specialist programmes in place that aim to give children a better start in life. Homeschooling projects will allow more children, especially girls, to get the head start they deserve in life.

  1. Emphasize Equal Opportunities

A lot of schools are very guilty of adopting elitist attitudes when it comes to teaching children. They assume that because they come from an underprivileged background they won’t be able to thrive in a school environment. If you think your child is being poorly treated due to gender, age, race or religion then don’t be afraid to follow it up with the board of governors of the school. Every child deserves to be treated equally, no matter where they are from.

  1. Focus on the Little Ones Who Are Struggling

Sadly, children who are faced with learning disabilities such as autism and ADHD don’t always receive the attention they need. These children tend to be the disruptive ones in class, who never seem to get their work done. Instead of focusing on the good children who always complete their work on time, it might be a good idea to give others a better chance. With the right support they will go a long way, especially when their individual talents are nurtured and encouraged.

  1. Encourage Extra Curricular Activities

School hours aren’t necessarily the most important times of the day for your child. They could be a bookworm who aces all of their tests without fail, but if they don’t partake in regular extracurricular activities their minds aren’t being challenged in new ways. Whether they’re kicking a football around or acting in the drama club, there are so many wonderful ways to stretch your little one’s imagination and get the best out of them.

  1. Understand that Every Child is Unique

Not every child is going to grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer; some might turn out to be fantastic plumbers or talented artists. There is no shame in accepting that every single child is completely unique and they won’t all end up in the same place in their future. As a parent or teacher it is your job to nurture and encourage all of the God given talents they are blessed with, no matter how abstract or unconventional they may be.

  1. Push for More Funds and Resources

It is true that the education sector is struggling in terms of funding right now. They need to gain more money in order to put it back into excellent teachers and great facilities. If there is any way to start fundraising for your local school then a little will surely go a very long way.

  1. Be Supportive of their Individual Choices

When you’re a parent you can often envisage your child ending up in an ideal career, like yours. You might be hoping for them to take over your family business one day, but what if it’s not their cup of tea? Be supportive of your child’s individual choices and don’t stop them from following their dreams. They might turn out to be a successful business owner in their own right one day without your help!

  1. Don’t Allow their Background Dictate Their Future

It is all too common for children to be discriminated from the moment they are born. Their ZIP code, their religion and even their gender can have a huge impact on the way they are treated. There might not be an obvious way to fight this right now, but you can give your child the best opportunity possible by teaching them that anything can be done if they put their minds to it. Raising strong, driven, independent little people will help them to get the best chance at the start of their life.

  1. Encourage the Arts and Creative Subjects

No matter what you think, it is true that arts education is so important for children. When a child is allowed to express their creativity through the arts amazing things can happen. Schools

need to stop putting all of their focus and energy onto so called ‘academic’ subjects such as science, history and geography and start focusing more on the arts. When a child is given the opportunity to explore dance, painting, singing and other creative outlets their mindset becomes much more adaptable.

  1. Guide them Towards a Bright Future

When it comes to guiding children in the right direction, you have to give them the best chances possible. Instead of ignoring those ongoing problems that are taking over in society, you can do something about it. Whether you’re encouraging your own children that school is an exciting place to be or you’re sponsoring a less fortunate child from a developing country, there is a lot we can do to support children in their educational pathways in life.

By taking note and implementing all of these methods you will be giving all of these little ones the best possible chance in life. Instead of taking their education for granted it is important to consider the wider picture. Many families in developing countries don’t have the option to send their kids to school every morning, so try to take a moment during the next school run to consider how lucky you are. Even if your child attends school every day it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have access to the best education possible. In fact many schools are below average and need to improve their standards in the long term. Encouraging your children to thrive in their educational environment is one of the best gifts you can give to them. Instead of allowing them to coast through and just get by, you need to be setting the standards high so that they can achieve wonderful things in their life. Ensuring that all children have access to fair and equal education should be the common goal that we are all striving towards right now.

Staff Writer; Latasha Jacobs

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