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Collaboration Over Competition.

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( In 2019 women, let’s stop competing with each other and start collaborating more.  There is so much power in unity amongst women.  So much can be accomplished in our society if more women would consider collaborating with each other.  There has been an increase in more women making collaborations together as a part of a movement.  But there’s still work to do.

We’ve recently witnessed, in the news, there will be over hundred and twenty-seven women in Congress.  That is an increase from previous years.  What does this mean?  More ways for women to collaborate together to strengthen our country, together.  This number also includes the largest number of women of color and the youngest woman in these positions.  The pinnacle part of this increase of having these women in Congress is that the majority of the women are democratic. 

Women compete with other women for selfish reasons and often times, feelings of intimidation and there’s a lack of communication between them.  To collaborate with another woman, you must be honest, open-minded and clear about your expectations.  This will keep confusion down and the lines of communication open between women.   Collaborations makes space for more compromises that will impact the larger goal.

If you want to host an event to help inspire women for example, think about the impact you would have if you collaborated with other women with that same idea or goal in mind.  Together, you could reach more women together than if you hosted that event solo.  The collaborated event, will successfully impact your target audience at a much higher level.

Collaborating with other women means combining multiple expertise, strengths and weaknesses.  You can collaborate with a woman who has expertise in areas that you are weaker in.  Here’s another example, let’s say you loving being a speaker and teaching women a certain skillset, but you’re not a great interior designer or great arts and crafts.  If collaborate, you can focus on teaching and allow another woman to create a beautiful space for you and possibly save you money and time.

There’s so much influence in collaboration.  Alone, you may get good results but collaborating can gain you great results.  Mainstream brands and major corporations collaborate all of the time, especially in during major campaigns reflecting a cause.  Nike and Gatorade collaborate to promote healthy lifestyles or to help combat child obesity.  Uber and Spotify collaborate to make sure that your next transportation ride, entertains you as well.  So if major brands who make millions of dollars separately, can come together for a greater cause, how much more successful could women be, if we collaborated more?

We’re seeing more and more collaborations amongst women in social media also.  Women are collaborating more on raising awareness of public health issues, politics, going against society’s beauty standards, to staying physically fit, mental health awareness and so much more.  Women collaborating is more than a black or white thing.  It’s more of a motivation for any ethnic group to have a voice when women are often voiceless.

No matter what industry you’re in, find ways to collaborate with the women in your field or department instead of competing with them.  There’s room at the top for anyone who puts in the work to get there.  Another woman’s presence won’t dim your shine is a popular saying, that holds truth.  Collaboration over competition starts with shifting your mindset to view another woman as your sister and not your predator.  As women united we can stand proud, once we’re divided we shall and will fall.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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