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When Life Starts to Fall Apart – Let It!

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( Recently, I have crossed paths with so many individuals who feel as though their life is falling apart. They feel as though nothing is going right, everything is getting more difficult, and that they can not clearly see their way to a beneficial solution. I have found these feelings generally occur when we are missing a valuable lesson we need to learn in life or when we are simply investing too much of our energy into going in the wrong directions.

We will all face difficulties and obstacles in our lives. Each one of us will come face to face with struggles that we feel is breaking or tearing us down. These times are never easy, especially when you are in the thick of the storm but it is important to remember that nothing lasts forever. In fact, when we stop resisting and fighting the change, a divine solution naturally comes to us.

It is important that during these times, we sit back and fully take into account our thoughts, beliefs, actions, reactions, and choices leading up to this exact moment. If you find yourself blaming someone, you are missing the entire lesson. This moment, this lesson, is about accepting full responsibility for your life. Realizing your powers and your abilities, even your mistakes and learning how to correct them.

While we may naturally need a few days to sit down and grieve whatever we may feel we have lost that brought us to this space, it is equally important to practice gratitude. At times, we will not have a single family member or friend in our corner to help us pick up the pieces and that my dear, is okay. Everyone comes to a place in their lives when they have to dig down deep and pull themselves out of our own slumber. Many times this helps to build character, it helps us remember who we are but only if we remain in a state of gratitude.

Appreciate the lesson you are receiving now, rather later in life. Look to the brighter things and visions you had. Sit down and revisist your life goals and plans. Have you shifted off course? Did you get distracted by something you thought would benefit you, yet that was soon going to cause you great harm? Seek clear and divine understanding rather than allowing yourself to ease into a dark, depressing state.

If your family and friends can not assist you, perhaps because they are in the thick of their own life lessons or simply because they do not have the life skills to understand where you are, seek help from outside your norm. Find a support group, a therapist/counselor, a pastor/spiritualist, whomever your heart feels will assist you through this time in your life.

Do not judge yourself! Do not beat yourself down! Do not force yourself into depression! And above all things, do not give up on yourself! You will come through this time a more wise, mature, fully developed being. Create your vision and keep the face.


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