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As Mothers When Does Protection Begin.

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( There is plenty discussion within community about the protection of our children. When does protection begin? How do we better protect out greatest blessing? Granted it is understood that children need protection from their mother and father. For the purpose of this discussion as women, and mothers of the community what is our part in this protection. It is important for us to be able to have sister circle discussions about how to do all we can to safeguard our girls and boys from the evil of this world. Many of us are in the community fighting for a better space and world for the kids, but it is important that we prepare them for what is actually taking place around them.

Violence, abuse, drugs, discrimination and racism are just some of the things we must be vigilant about. It is true that no predator has the right to violate our children, and as long as we know predators exist it is important that we are the wall between harm and our babies.

Community can come together to better protect the children, but in truth the first line of protection will always be the parents. Children are born to us first and foremost before they are apart of community. Before they ever encounter their father…they are growing inside the vessel of the mother. One can argue that the battle to protect out babies, as mothers, begins the moment we know they exist. We don’t have to wait until our babies are born to begin the on the path of protecting them. If we consider what is needed to protect them when we are carrying them, we might find it much easier to transition to their protection outside of the womb.

Like when your child is born, protecting them while you are carrying them begins with what is allowed. While pregnant it is important to understand that what we allow in our life has a direct reflection on our health and the wellbeing of the child. Drama, negativity, unsafe environment, narcissistic people, unhealthy food and a serious lack of self-care are things that threaten the life of the child. Once you reach a certain point in the pregnancy around 19wks the child begins to hear their surroundings, and they can hear you. Speaking life into the baby, while continuing to remove negative influences are the first steps in protecting baby.

Once the child arrives it is normal to be excited and what to share it with the world. However, it is also a time to be guarded. Everyone shouldn’t have access to your baby…holding, kissing and changing the little one. Everyone doesn’t have positive energy even if they mean well. Some may call you overprotective when you set boundaries and might even be offended. That’s quite okay as the safety of that child is your responsibility not that of others. Having help, and moments where you can self-care, is a blessing but be sure you aren’t away from your baby too much as you can’t protect what you don’t see.

If you feel like something isn’t right regarding a fiend or family member follow your instinct and protect your baby without hesitation or shame. This allows your child to know you aren’t their friend, you are not moved by the opinions of others, and without a doubt you will do all you can to protect them from harm.

The world is not child safe. We can not begin to discuss how to protect out children once they are kids and teenagers. This much be our goal, in conjunction with their father, from the moment we know they exist. In the beginning stages protecting them is taking care of self and safeguarding self from harm and negativity, and it transfers to giving them the same level of care once they are outside of our body. Pay attention to your children.

There is a time whereby one must put the phones and devices down, tell folks they need to go home, and focus on one’s children. They are our most precious gifts, and we are charged with their care. Our home, arms, and presence should always be a safe space for our children and it should be that way from day one until we are no more.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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