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How to Find Your Baby a Name with Substance.

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( When a family finds out that they are expecting a child, after the initial shock, if unplanned, one of the first things that are thought about is, “What will the babies name be?” Throughout the entire pregnancy, names are added to a list and crossed off until a name is chosen.

The top two reasons black people usually select a name is because it either sounds good or it pays homage to an older relative. Some black people, mostly those that are religious, pick names based on characters who represent who they wish their child to be like. This method, although not exactly, is the most beneficial for the child.

Selecting a name for a child should be a revealing, uncompromising, meaningful journey. The first step should be figuring out what kind of person you would like your child to be. You want to be so vivid with the description that you can see it. Doing this will put you in a very clear and intentional mind frame in preparation for selecting the best name possible.

Once you paint that picture, you want to step back, analyze, and find out the one characteristic that is absolutely necessary for your child to have, in order to become that vision you have for them. When you uncover what that one characteristic is, then do a search for names that mean this particular characteristic, when translated. The beautiful part about this process is that there are many different, beautiful languages. so if you find that there isn’t a name in English that you like, you can continue your search in different languages, until you find the name that fits. In addition to changing the language, you can also change the spelling and pronunciation of words to fit your personal preference and still keep the names meaning.

After you have selected your desired name, once your child comes, it’s important that you share with them what their name means. You want to do this from a young age in order to embed it into their memory. Once you let them know what their name means, everytime you call them, their name acts as an affirmation to their subconscious. An affirmation, according to, is the assertion that something exists or is true. You will be constantly affirming that characteristic to their subconscious, indirectly helping them to manifest that characteristic within themselves.

One of the most common English names for boys is James. James, in English, is translated to mean “to follow.” Although one of the common reasons why the name is used can be attributed to the Bible, it is also chosen based on the fathers’ name, if they wish to make their sons name the same as their own. There is a way to make the meaning of this name fit your vision, however, I’m not sure anyone wishes their child to be a follower. Not to say that the name itself is bad, just making the point that you want to be intentional with selecting a name for your child. A common English name for girls is Emma. Emma means, “whole” or “universe.” This is a beautiful name for a young girl, especially when you consider the lack of self-worth that is advertised to our women.

Consider both of these names. They are not names that are commonly given to black children. Our black children need names that are strong and speak to where we hope to move our people towards. Names that represent strength, courage, wealth, elevation, etc., so that we can plant those kinds of seed in their mind, and eventually they will strive to live up to it. As black people, there must be an intentional effort to succeed in all that we do, including the naming of our children. Sure some of the names that we might choose will be hard to pronounce or spell, however, it is less about the outward perception and more about the inward effect.

Consider the experiment, when two separate living organisms are placed inside of two different jars and on one jar a positive word is written and on the other jar a negative word. The organism that has the positive word written across it usually lives, lasts, or thrives during the course of the experiment. The other jar with the negative word written across it usually dies, molds, or has some kind of negative reaction. Consider this when naming a child. Put an encouraging name across the life of your child.

Many can say that a name doesn’t matter because we ultimately live our lives and give our names meaning, which is true. However, a name affirming a necessary positive characteristic won’t hurt.

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