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What You Need To Know Before Getting On the Road.

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(ThySistas.comEven if you’re not one of those people who loves the idea of getting behind the wheel and buckling up for a ride, you can probably understand the appeal and advantages of being able to drive. It’s a mightily useful skill to have, no matter where you live. But of course, while driving can be enjoyable, it’s not all fun, fun, fun. Below, we take a look at some useful guidelines, suggestions, and information that you might not fully realize until you’re an everyday driver. So whether you’re a newbie driver or its been some time since you drove, take a read.

Freedom and Responsibility

Yes, it’s awesome to be able to say”I want to visit [place], let’s go,” there’s a big responsibility that goes along with that sentence. To begin, keep in mind that the road isn’t your own personal playground. It’s a space that you have to share with all the other drivers out there! If everyone takes individual responsibility to drive well, then the roads will be safer for all. So take a look at your driving standards. Most people think that they’re better than the average driver, which of course can’t be right.

The Costs

Nothing comes for free in this life, and that’s especially true when you’re talking about driving. Sure, we don’t expect things to always be affordable, but did they need to take things to such an extreme edge? The cost of the car, the gas, the insurance, the repairs…those costs quickly add up. Before getting your own set of wheels, it’s worthwhile taking a looking at your expenses and checking that you’ll be able to meet all of the costs. Driving won’t feel worth it if it’s constantly leaving with only two pennies to rub together when it comes to the run-up to payday.

Driving Etiquette

It’s enough to be a safe driver, but to be a good driver? You need to go the extra mile. And that means abiding by the driving etiquette! This is mostly so that you can say you’re a good human being, but actually, it’ll help limit the amount of road rage you induce. This can have a terribly negative impact on the safety of the roads! Basically, don’t cut in front of anyone, use those lights you have to indicate which way you’re turning, and keep a healthy distance away from the car in front of you. If you do make a mistake, then the least you can do is apologize for your mistake.

Some Vehicles Are More Dangerous Than Others

Of course, when we’re talking about being on the road, we can be talking about more than just an automobile. But if you’re going to own a motorbike or scooter, then you’ll need to understand that they are typically more dangerous than cars, especially motorbikes as they drive so fast. If you’re going to drive a motorcycle, you’ll be well-served by avoiding the roads when conditions are bad, and also learning the litigation basics in case you’re involved in an incident. Bikes can be fun to drive, and also more efficient (especially in cities), but they do come with risks attached.

You Don’t Have to Drive All The Time

You’ve got a set of wheels, but no-one says you have to use them all the time. Indeed, you’ll probably have an improved relationship with the roads if you don’t. For starters, you’ll spend much less money on gas. Second, you’ll avoid driver’s fatigue; instead, you’ll enjoy every time you get behind the wheel. Plus, less time spent in traffic and on parking charges. While sometimes you’ll have no other choice, if you’re just going downtown, then it’s worthwhile taking public transport.

Much of “Driving” Isn’t Driving

Well, we have some bad news for people who have visions of getting out onto the open road, and going for a leisurely drive: much of driving doesn’t really involve cruising along. Of course, when you intentionally pick a route that’s just for a fun drive then it will be. But a lot of time, it’s about waiting for the lights to change, or for the traffic to slowly move along. Basically, you’ll want to load up some entertaining podcasts if you want to keep your sanity.

You’re an Unpaid Taxi

If you’re the first of your friends to get a vehicle, or you live in an area – like a city – where many people don’t own cars, then you might have to get used to acting like a taxi driver, albeit one who does their job on a volunteer basis. Now, for the most part, you’ll be happy to give your friends and family members a ride in your car, but the novelty might wear off eventually! There is an upside to driving friends around, however. When they finally get a vehicle for themselves, they’ll be obliged to give you a ride.

Different Driving Conditions

Part of staying safe on the road is ensuring that you know how to handle the different driving conditions that you’ll come up against. There’s a big difference between driving on a bluebird day and one filled with a torrential downpour. You’ll likely pick up these differences just through the course of driving around, but there are exceptions: for instance, when you go to the mountains. Then, your car might handle very differently. So make sure you’re reading up on the best ways to drive in unfamiliar conditions – like the mountains, snow, fog, etc. – before you set off.

Love/Hate Relationship

Finally, while you’ll be excited to get behind the wheel initially, it’s important to remember that most people end up having a love/hate relationship with driving. On the days when it’s just you, your loved one, and the open road, then everything is perfect. When it’s raining and you’re sat behind a thousand cars as you crawl home from a long day of work, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered to learn in the first place. Still, try to enjoy it!

Staff Writer; Carla Brown

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