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5 Tips to Avoid Having an Emotional Affair Online Article.

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( Social media has bought us closer to people in a particular but also familiar way.  It is so easily accessible to connect with people now than ever before.  About 15 years ago, you actually had to obtain a person’s telephone number in order to talk to them and before FaceTime and other video chatting platforms, to see a person, you had to physically meet up with them.  Those days are long gone.  Now, typing a message or thread of instant messages can make you feel closer to strangers, than the person sharing a house with you.

Be very mindful and careful when engaging with people online.  You may begin to develop an interest in someone other than your partner or if someone’s spouse, begins to contact you for advice or emotional support, you are bound to get attached to that person.  It may seem like the right thing to do at the time because you’re marriage or relationship is considered successful, but what happens when conversations begin getting more personal or more intimate between you two?  It’s not a good thing to do sis, avoid it all times, when it arises.

Here are 5 tips to avoid having an emotional affair online:

Talk to your partner, not the people on the internet.  If you are having problems in your relationship, don’t post it online.  People prey on those vulnerable moments in your life and move in on you.  Next thing you know you’re emotionally having an affair on your partner.  Give it some time, and then talk to your partner about your problems.  They are the person in a relationship with you, not, other people.  You can’t fix your partner but you can communicate your wants and needs to them.

Set boundaries with anyone who you interact with online.  If a man inboxes you on Facebook telling you about his possible marital issues.  Immediately stop that conversation from continuing.  This sets the tone to avoid being involved in a emotional connection between you to.  Have empathy for their marital issues but it’s not your responsibility to get involved in their marriage.

WWJD?….Ask yourself literally, “What would Jesus do in this situation?” Think about how continuing to connect with this person online, knowing that you are married or in a relationship with someone is spiritually wrong if you’re married and morally wrong, no matter what your relationship status is.

Don’t engage in a secret love affair.  What’s done in the dark, eventually comes to light.  There is no way of avoiding that law of attraction.  Although you aren’t physically connecting with the other person, your mind is and sometimes that’s worse than having a sexual affair.  Affairs online have replaced phone sex.  The thrill of anticipating a chime on your phone coming from the other person excites you and on a phone you can be heard from another room.  Online, your fingers quietly do all of the communicating for you.

Log off.  If you are not emotionally stabled enough to get through those difficult times in your relationship, log off of all social media or whatever technology is available to you that will attempt you to connect with someone whom you shouldn’t, online.  Deal with your current feelings in other ways and when it’s safe, you can return to being the social butterfly that you are.

Having affairs online is not something anyone sets out to do, but it happens.  Using these 5 tips will definitely help you avoid getting yourself in an emotional affair that will lead you nowhere with that person on the opposite end.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

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