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Fall into a Great Mood.

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(ThySistas.com) Seasons change and so do our moods and how we view our moods, can be life changing.  Fall is the prelude to everyone’s favorite holidays of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Depending on your feelings towards those holiday’s, determines your current moods.  Our moods seem to get more relaxed in the fall, because we’re winding down from the busy summer activities, traveling, less workloads, etc.  September for example is the month where the leaves on the trees colors begin changing, the fruits from our labors all year are finally blossoming and that can be amazing or frightening.  Whatever is going on in your life currently, you control your mood.

Let’s go back to the holiday’s, if you lost a loved one like a parent or sibling during those holiday’s, the fall months may make your moods be more down than you would be in other seasons.  How can you change your moods if this is how you currently feel during these holidays?  Here’s a few things that you can do:  You can cook (or have catered) a favorite dish at the family gatherings as a way to pay tribute to your loved one.  You can always share loving memories with people that you know about your loved one.  Get out and enjoy life, don’t isolate yourself and further sink into a downer mood.  Seek grief counseling if needed.  Research possible support groups that deals with dealing with grief in particular.  Just fall into a great mood during the holiday seasons.

If you’re a career woman, the fall is the time to either create new goals to accomplish for the remainder of the year as you’re preparing to head into the fourth quarter or it’s a time to implement what you’ve been working on all summer long.  This can make your mood be a little skeptical of the unknown or you may experience being a little more anxious about what’s to come.  If this sounds like you, here’s a few things that you can do:  Practice using more self-care practices in your weekly routines, before big meetings or making big decisions.  Shorten that to-do list so that you don’t become overwhelmed and burned out.  Do everything afraid, you’ll survive through your trials and triumphs.  Think about changing your eating and sleeping habits to reduce fatigue on your big day or in your big moment to shine.  You’ve prepared for this moment, you got this!

Finally, fall into a great mood of living a healthier lifestyle.  You’ve ignored the aches and pains all summer long, you gained weight from attending all of those family bbq’s and other social gatherings and now it’s time to fall back into shape, physically.  Those pants you could easily fit into last fall, is not a friend of yours this year.  If this sounds like you, here’s a few things that you can do:  Now that the weather is cooling down, do more exercises outside (take walks, jogs or ride a bicycle in the park).  Take your vitamins and other prescribed medications, regularly.  Let go of those fried foods and sweets that does not do your body good.  Go to your primary care doctor and get a routine check-up or schedule your mammogram appointment that you’ve been putting off.  Just get physically active and fall into a great mood to live a healthier lifestyle.

Fall is a great time for reflection and for setting the mood for the next chapter in your life or the next mood for your coming days.  Don’t get down and cancel yourself out on living your best life.  By changing your mindset, you will change your mood, which will eventually change your life.

Staff Writer; Felicia T. Simpson

One may also connect with this sister online over at; FTSimpson.com.

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