Monday, May 27, 2024

Everyone Is Not You.

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(ThySistas.comIt can be very difficult to understand why others treat us in a manner we deem agitating. We love our sisters, but sometimes its hard for us to understand what bothers them or hurts them, but more importantly why. Sometimes, though we mean well, we are not very patient with each other. We see concern, anxiety, depression…and tears as a badge of shame at times. Its so much easier to tell each other we should get it together. It’s so much easier to send the calls to voicemail until the person screaming on the inside in pain is actually you. If is very important to realize everyone is not you nor can they see life you’re your lens. This is important to understand if you are to be a good sister friend to another, and if you are to emotionally protect yourself.

Granted, all of us know that one sister that is swimming in problems every day. She has a problem for every answer you give, and nothing seems to make her happy. Though she claims to be independent and confident the opinions of others rock her to the core, and its as if she is addicted to pain. Its not that she doesn’t know what to do, because you have advised her countless times, but she insists on making decisions contrary to council. When those decisions backfire, as you told her they would, she expects you to put your day on hold and carve out hours to listen to her vent and scream about an outcome that she could have changes.

We know this sister, and we know she is not an emotional nor spiritual support for others. When she calls her speaking and asking after your wellbeing is more of a formality to get to her problems. It doesn’t matter what you are going through nothing trumps her soap opera of a life. This is the friend you actually should consider cutting off due to her selfish toxic nature. Yet, this is not the person we must be mindful of in this situation

The sisters we must try to understand are those that are selfless, and they do care but they just aren’t going to handle things as you would. The definition of strength is different for all of us, and it is important that we understand this so that we can be there for each other in the manner needed. Whereby some sisters want you to be very blunt and direct with them…others can’t handle that approach and it doesn’t make them weak. When our sisters feel they are at wits end and express their fear and anxiety that is the time to rally around them for support. Don’t think about what you would do, because it’s not about you…its about the sister in need.

We need to be able to communicate amongst each other without the feel that we sill be seen as less than a woman for expressing pain, fear, depression or questions one might have about ones own mental health. When our sister friend opens to us we must be open-minded, keep the focus on them and try to direct them to a source that can help them get through what they are facing. Don’t miss a cry for help because it doesn’t sound like your own.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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