Monday, July 15, 2024

Let Him Love You.

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( In truth we must decide what we want. Yes, many of us are strong and we know how to truck through tragedy and heartbreak with some parts of our mind left. Yet, in these moments we are reminded of the pressure of what is seen as strength. Many of us want a strong man, but we might be a bit apprehensive about putting down our shield of strength to allow him into our life. Its understandable that we want to put our best foot forward. We want the brother to know we are loyal and can hold him down no matter what life throws at him, or us. It is a serious need for us to know what moves him, scares him, empower him…and what elevates him.

In our mind this shows us how to love him. It is a sign of trust when a man allows himself to be vulnerable to us baring all that he is. We say we want this, yet the question is can we give this very thing?

Ladies if we are not careful the movements of the day will try to tell us we don’t need men. We are strong, powerful, intelligent and capable of taking over the world. We give life, love and strength to those around us while managing our space flawlessly because “I am Woman”. Well, I don’t know about you but I can testify that this is what is seen…but not the reality inside. The truth is yes you look flawless, but you get tired. You want to be able to lay your burdens down and be a woman in a carefree space while someone stands watch over you for a change.

Being the “strong black woman” is cool, but at times overrated when you are alone fighting to calm your heart rate from the anxiety mounting in your chest. Sister circles are amazing, but they only meet one area of the need to remain strong. Allowing a brother to stand watch over you, love you and absorb the weight you carry doesn’t make you weak. Being able to do this makes you human…and now you are giving what you expect.

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable before that brother we are accepting love and giving such. It is okay to allow his presence to melt the frustration and fear away. The truth is some of us know that when we are in the presence of the brother that loves us from his soul there is an intimacy beyond sex. You are actually able to get good sleep because his presence alone renders you safe and relaxed.  This doesn’t make you a weak woman…you are just a woman that knows how to accept care, love, support and the affection you so greatly need. Just as there is magic, and power, in our care touch and words he can command the same.

When we allow our men to step in and carry us we feel our worth, and in this moment, we can find the other part of the restoration and healing we need that is sorely lacking. Again, none of this makes you weak. Its okay to be a strong black woman that knows how to accept love, and how to share the burdens of her life. If you have a brother in your life that is willing to carry you no matter what…don’t like the movements of the day cause you to fight him and turn him away. When he says I just want you to be a woman and be free accept it. Let that man love you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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