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How To Find A Good Care Home For Your Elderly Parent.

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(ThySistas.comWhen your parent reaches their elder years, you may be faced with a dilemma. If they are able to look after themselves, then fine. But if not, you need to come to a decision. There are a number of options open to you, one of which is choosing a care home. While this can be the most practical option, it can also be expensive. Therefore, you want to make sure you make a wise choice, both for yourself and most importantly, for your elderly parent.

So, where do you begin in the search for a good care home?

For starters, you need to identify what kind of care home your parent needs. Some offer around the clock care, while others afford your parent more independence. It all depends on the needs your parent has, how well they are, and how capable they are to look after themselves day-to-day.

Then begin to research care homes near you. If possible, factor your parent’s requests into your decision. There may be certain aspects of a care home that would please them, such as a place with a garden and/or somewhere that offers an opportunity for social interaction with others. Then consider practical things, such as the cost and the distance away from you. Allow your parent to make the decision if possible, but if they are too unwell to convey their feelings, ensure you still consider your parent’s needs as you research available homes.

Start to shortlist homes of interest, and visit each one. Get an overall impression of each, and consider how happy your parent would be staying in the home’s care. Ask yourself: are staff friendly? Do other residents appear happy? Is there qualified staff to deal with your parent’s specific needs? Does it appear clean and tidy? What is the food like? What facilities are there, in and out of residents private areas? If you are happy with what you see, and if your elderly parent is happy with the home, then you may be able to make a choice. However…

Use your head not your heart. Most care homes are up to scratch, and the level of care provided will be second to none. But there are cases where looks can be deceiving. If you have ever heard news reports of elderly abuse in care homes, then you know what we are talking about. It’s in everybody’s best interest to research further into the home you are considering. Do a Google search, read what other people have to say, and check on accreditations. You don’t want to end up calling a nursing home abuse lawyer down the line because your parent has been mistreated, so be absolutely sure everything is in order before your final decision is made.

Finally, make your choice. When you are comfortable in making a decision – you can afford the costs, the home seems above board, you and your parent are happy with what you have seen – then it’s time to make the transition. While the care home may be perfectly wonderful, this can still be a difficult time. Expect a few tears as this next chapter in your parent’s life begins, but resolve to call and visit as often as possible to make this change in life an easier one.

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Staff Writer; Kelly Adams

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