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Turn the Drama Off.

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( Sometimes the biggest threat to the sisterhood is the sisters themselves. There is an agenda to set us against each other, and then pit us against our men. Becky wants us to believe she is our ally, so we should continue to stand in solidarity with her as feminist. In the mist of our people dying, and being randomly targeted, we battle with drama amongst ourselves. The scary thing is too many sisters feel its okay to be petty, gossip, and even intimidate each other. The drama we see on tv tends to run rampant in our community. We are not the drama we see in the media, and we must aspire to elevate and take sisters with us. The color lines, education lines, status lines, upbringing lines, and where you are from lines are ones that must stop dividing us as black women.

It’s time to take a stance against the drama. When I turn on the TV and see the reality foolishness I wonder if we realize this is not us. We are giving ratings to an image that destroys the nature of who we are. How does reality TV aid in our unification? How does it make us better mothers? We have to consider that what we are being fed is a poison meant for us, and our children. Too many of us have embraced the drama to the point we do to each other what a man had better not do to us. We call each other out of our name, we betray each other, and then want to make a scene in the street.

Let it be known the drama in your life is not making money for you. The drama in your life does not bring peace. The drama in your life can not sustain your family. The drama in your life can cost you your man. Depending on the situation it can even cost you your job. There is absolutely no benefit to allowing drama to fester in your life. Some of us may feel drama in our life is unavoidable.

We can control the drama in our life by setting expectations for ourselves, and our interactions with sisters. We don’t have to disrespect each other to communicate. We can life in the loyalty we expect from others. Entertainment can be a good thing, yet we have to admit that it effects our energy and frequency. What we watch and listen to becomes a part of who we are, and how we think. The people we choose to make a part of our close circle have a part to play in the amount of drama in our life.

There is no true peace in ones’ life while there is a drama fest of problems on a daily basis that can be avoided. Allowing yourself to become a dumping ground is also drama, and if not careful you can become addicted to said drama. We are queens, and that title requires a certain kind of living that has nothing to do with how much money we have, but it starts with our mentality. Ridding your life of drama will allow you to breathe easier while showing your daughters how to command their life while having positive interactions with other sisters. For the betterment of our life its time to turn off the drama.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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