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God is Not Responsible.

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( When we are awaiting that mystery man that will bring balance to our live and set the soul a flame with passion and want we pray to God expecting him to deliver a tailor-made man just for us. We go to God with a list of the things we need and want in said man regardless of where we are in our spiritual journey. God is the magician that is supposed to grant every wish regardless of the consequences of said request. We claim to know him as all seeing, which means our sight is limited, but when we feel desperate and alone God doesn’t know better than we do.

When the relationship goes left with the one that was suppose to fill the void many of us feel played. You gave everything you had, supported, paid, cried, plead, and cried out to God with deeply that your heart would be spared the suffering of another love lost. Yet, you found yourself nursing a broken heart and when the dust settles you find yourself holding God accountable for your pain…for the promises that never manifested.

Sister you must bring yourself to understand one very important thing…God is not responsible. It is unhealthy to shun the truth because you are hurting or don’t like the out come of choices made. How many adjustments did you make to the man you wanted, realistically, for the one you had? That is a very important question because it is one at the root of why blaming God is the wring direction to take. Think over your relationship objectively. In doing so you must focus on disagreements caused because he simply wasn’t compatible. Okay, you know he’s been through a lot and has walls up regarding women due to pains he is carrying.

If you are also recovering from relationship pain how were you going to be able to penetrate that wall of his? If you ignored his concerns of being able to provide because didn’t make enough money, and berated him for working too much how does this equate to healthy? How id you justify him being the man for you when you know he is emotionally unavailable, unaffectionate, and devoid of offering you the simplest kindness? You are walking around questioning if you are being used by him, and his family; meanwhile you are never put first in any situation. Ask yourself how is this the one God fashioned for you? This isn’t a call to judgement nor condemnation but more so one to get you to see God wasn’t a factor in the decision you made to stay in the relationship.

Nowhere in the bible, that I have seen, has God put together people without provision. Being equally yoked goes so much further than religious differences. You want the man you love to respect your worth, but that can only happen when you first respect your worth and the source of said worth. Many of us are quick to say, when giving other sisters advice, “God won’t bless your mess”. The reason it’s considered “your mess” is because he wouldn’t send you poison.

You never want the fear of being alone to trump your ability to make wise choices based on what a person is showing you. If the man you are dealing with has not had his own spiritual awakening he has to encountered that for himself with his creator. You very well may not be able to save him, ad if you as where was God, he was there every time you saw the red flag. We must acknowledge our choices when we are unwilling to accept the truth of what is before us for fear being alone. Queen you deserve God’s best…let him deliver it.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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