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Put the Phone on Silent.

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( Are you the strong sister in your sister group? Does everyone call you when things go haywire expecting you to fix it? Do you get mandatory pray for me right now calls for every emergency, and non-emergency? If your answer is yes, it is very important that you remember you. It is very easy to be made out to be a villain because you decided you couldn’t deal today. Understand that there might be some people in your life, regardless of faith, that will freak out every time anything happens. It doesn’t matter that the issue could be resolved in a matter of hours, so they should calm down.

All they understand is there is an issue, they are in a panic and so you need to be in one also. You know those people because you almost cringe when the phone rings. They have absolutely no respect for boundaries, so they have no problems calling even if you told them you were doing something very important. Their job is important, and they can’t talk, but your job doesn’t matter, and they call or text expecting an immediate response.

Sister put that phone on silent without regret. They are adults and can survive a day without talking to you. Please don’t fall for the burden guilt trip. You don’t see them as a burden you acknowledge that they are grown. Furthermore, you can only pour into others what you have stored up within yourself. That is very important because the stored up…is what is left over after you have poured into self.

It is necessary to take time to yourself to replenish what you’ve given to others. You need time to pray for yourself and your household. You need time to relax your mind and spirit. You need space to breathe whereby there is no challenge or problem being brought to you because we don’t like to say it…but its negativity you are working out for others. That can take a toll on your energy, and your health I you are not careful. Put the phone on silent, do not disturb or turn it off!

When you take a moment for you there might be opposition, but that will expose who cares about you and who does not. No one should have an attitude because you needed some you time. You shouldn’t have to here “oh you not talking…fine I’ll leave you alone” in a tone that is dripping in ugliness. That kind of behavior shows you that said person values you as their own personal trash can…not someone of value.

When no offers to pray for you in trying moments…all they can say is I’m sorry to hear that it tells you they are not with you. You should never be made to feel guilty, selfish, or like you are abandoning a loved one because you need to tend to you. Walk away from that phone and all that comes with it and re-energize self. You will be glad you took care of you, and your family will thank you also.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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