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About Letting the Baby Cry.

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( Raising kids these days is very different that that of our parents and grandparents. Some of the adjustments have been positive, yet some can be brought into question. There is a positive interaction that happens when you actually sit down and talk to your children. When you have more patience with them, and the first response is not always a physical form of chastisement. We have more options when it comes to feeding and teaching our babies that our parents have never seen.

Parents today pay more attention to the advice of the pediatrician, and child psychologist. Some of the information we receive help keep our babies alive, and it can be argued it maximizes their learning potential. Once ongoing discussion has been over whether or not a parent should let the baby cry. Now we are seeing more studies that state letting a baby cry can be traumatizing for them, and they need to be held. Basically, if they are crying something is wrong.

Some of us were taught its okay to let a baby cry if they are dry, fed, and are not sick. If that child has nothing wrong with them they are crying for no reason. If we decide to run to the baby every time they cry regardless of the issue we very well may be sending the wrong message to the baby. While observing a baby it is clear that they understand early on if they cry you will come, if thy cry you will pick them up, if hey cry they can get their way. The lesson of contentment could begin when our children are babies. I once heard an elder tell me after having my son: “either you will train the baby, or the baby will train you”.

I didn’t understand until I realized my son knew how to fuss for attentions sake; as soon as I entered the room the cry stopped. Society is seeing an influx of children with a lack of patience, compassion, and they feel the world revolves around them. Some of this could be attributed to how we handled the children when they were babies. Even the youngest need boundaries. Yes, babies are beautiful, and full of wonder. We want to hold them, cuddle with them, and make them fell secure and loved. We can do this without teaching them to whine to get their way.

Your instincts as a parent is a priceless gauge. With that you know when there is nothing wrong with your baby, and they just want to cry. Yes, check on them, but sometimes the parent has to endure the sound and let that baby cry. They need to learn that you are not trained to jump at every whim…life doesn’t work like that. They will start learning as babies how to sooth themselves, which is recommended by many pediatricians, and how to be content. This could be the beginning of raising a child that understand patience, and that yelling kicking and screaming is what you do to get your way. We already have too much of that element in the world. Sometimes its best to let that baby cry.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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