Sunday, March 3, 2024

Hit the Reset Button.

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( There is entirely too much going on in the world. We are constantly plugged in to something, and the consistency of this affects us more than we realize. Some of us can’t sleep at night so social media keeps us company in the insomnia. Other are angry at the significant other, and it doesn’t matter if the anger is warranted or not it upsets your energy. Some sisters have worried their blood pressure off the charts and are now bound to medication as the body is breaking down. There is always something going on to justify anxiety, anger, fear, hurt and many other emotions that set you up for a trip the emergency room. God for the time of the month darkens the doorstep causing pain and more emotional frustration. Ladies it is time to hit the reset button and reclaim our peace and balance.

Too many of us feel it is wrong to choose our wellness over thematters of those we care about. Sometimes we don’t realize in an effort to be loved, and rid ourselves of loneliness, we tend to accept treatment we don’t deserve. Prioritizing the lives of others trains them that our life is not important. When the pressure in our life builds up to the point of internal suffering we set ourselves up to lash out in anger, and plunge into depression and anxiety. This space can claim more than our time…it can leave you feeling as though you are dying inside to the point you no longer see a point of breathing.

When things are going haywire in our personal life too much time plugged in to social media doesn’t help. There is always negativity, petty behavior, gossip, and tragedy. Its as though the walls are caving in as we are drawn in to the melee of everything going on in the world. It reinforces stereotypes that we despised, and the realities we fear. How many more school shooting, living while black, community and police shooting can we handle. How many more headlines about this current administration before we being to fear for our safety as a nation. The stress we can’t avoid outside of our life can be catastrophic to our energy when it is added to our personal concerns.

To re-center ourselves it may be necessary to reset, and this will require unplugging. Consider taking some time away from social media to allow your mind and emotions to take a break. It can be difficult because you may feel as though you are addicted to the need to know, but you need to allow yourself the space to truly rest and breathe. As for your personal space set boundaries, and do not fear the word no.

Sometimes you have to take a step back from helping others and help yourself. While solving the problems of those closest to you your life is falling into disarray, and they will allow you to continue putting them first. The change begins with you. Unplug yourself from everything pulling from you long enough to hit the needed re-set. Self-care and love begins with you…replenish yourself with no apologies.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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